Troubled Anew (sequel to Trouble In Paradise)

Sequel to TROUBLE IN PARADISE. Louis traveled overseas declaring his love to Aria. Aria took him back. All the bad guys gone. All the drama relieved. It seems so quiet in a house where there is nothing to talk about. What if there was something even darker from the past than anybody had ever expected? What if it came back? What if it was tall with curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. What if its name was Grayson?


3. Ours


I hear faint whispers from down the hall, and slowly let my eyes open to find myself alone, naked, in Louis bed. Wait, no. Our bed. I stretch our my arms and let out a strong yawn, that was so loud those faint whispers became 5 boys standing in the doorway. I looked down at my bare chest, and covered in just in time for the five boys to walk in.

I scan over the small crowd of boyish charm and, if I may, sexiness. Louis eyes are bright and a smile is plastered on his face. Harry looks tired but happy. Niall is giggling like a little school girl, but when isn't he? Oh right, all the time. Zayn's eyes are low with a cheeky grin and wiggling nose, which he does when he's hiding something. I then find those chocolate brown eyes that I miss, but hate so much. Liam. He's staring at the floor, a bit flushed, and his hair is perfectly messy.

I realize nobody is talking, all just staring at me. "What's going on?" I ask desperately. Everyone chuckles at once, everyone but Liam. Louis walks over to me and smiles, then whispers in my ear "The boys wanna take you out. Then, tonight, you're all mine." He bites my earlobe, then kisses my neck once.

I look up to see all the boys gone, so I take that as an opportunity. I pull Louis back in and kiss him passionately. He falls on top of me, cupping my chin and kissing back fiercely. I let my left hand travel up into his messy hair, and my right hand, pulling down his boxers. It's all he's got on.

His hands pull the sheet off my body and I feel a cool breeze, soon replaced with a comforting warmth called Louis body. I feel his shaft against my clit, and I can't help but moan out his name. I bite his bottom lip, and our tounges attack each other like wild animals. Suddenly 4 pairs of feet begin running up the stairs, and I quickly push Lou off so I could close the door. When I close and lock the door, I hear deep chuckles coming from the halls.

I look at Louis who is laying on his back, with a hand pressed over his large erection. He's trying to help himself. Why would he do that when he's got me to do it for him?

I climb on the bed, and place my knees on either side of his legs. His eyes meet mine, and they're bright with passion and need. I place my hand on his erection and slowly move my hand down, then up, and letting my thumb smooth over the tip.

I feel his body tense, and I begin to move faster, squeezing, until' finally he cums and his whole body relaxes. He's breathing heavily, and can barely move, but pulls me down next to him while wrapping his arms around me securely. "Thank you love." he says sweetly as if we're talking about something other than me giving him a hand job.

I snuggle into his chest and whisper "Of course. But, you owe me." I wink, before hoping off the bed, grabbing Louis T-shirt and my underwear then hopping into the bathroom to clean up a bit.



After Harry called me telling me to go to Louis, I wasn't sure why. I knew fucking well I didn't want to see that ass. I didn't want to see Harry either. But I knew Aria was going to be there, because she ran off with Harry. I don't know why it wasn't me. All I know is that it should have been. I just need to know fucking WHY?



After Aria basically runs into the bathroom, I sit up still gasping for air, then put on some clean boxers, red basketball shorts and white t-shirt. I pull out my computer and phone, and begin making arrangements for a very special evening.

I was so into this special night I have planned, that I didn't realize when Aria walked out of the bathroom until' she spoke saying "What are you doing babe?" I quickly closed my computer just as she walked up behind me and let her arms drape over my shoulders. I kissed her arms and then looked up to see her staring at me in awe.

"Its a surprise, baby. You'll soon find out. But, you have to go with the boys now. They'll keep you busy. They're ready now." She nod her head and leans down planting an everlasting kiss on my cheek. Before I knew it, her chocolate brown hair was flopping in the air along with her black tights and grey sweater. She looked so cute and cuddly, that all I wanted to do was hold her in my arms and never let her go.


As I leave mine and Louis room, my mind begins to wonder to the surprise. I know it has something to do with that box, but I just don't know what. I reach the last step, and four boys heads turn in one direction, in my direction. My eyes scan over them but hit the floor as I feel a bit awkward. Confidence then builds up inside me and I slowly lift my head up to see them all staring at me.

I take a deep breath and then say, "Louis says you'll keep me busy and away I can see. So, can we just pretend this isn't awkward, or different and just go out and have fun because that's all I really want.

In a few short moments, they all nod their heads and Niall walks next to me, then literally pushing me out the door. "TO FUN!" Niall shouts, then slams the door.

"You're walking really slow Aria!" Zayn yells at me. In just a short moment, my feet are lifted off the ground and I'm being carried by 3 boys while Zayn is already getting into his black convertible Bentley.  

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