Troubled Anew (sequel to Trouble In Paradise)

Sequel to TROUBLE IN PARADISE. Louis traveled overseas declaring his love to Aria. Aria took him back. All the bad guys gone. All the drama relieved. It seems so quiet in a house where there is nothing to talk about. What if there was something even darker from the past than anybody had ever expected? What if it came back? What if it was tall with curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. What if its name was Grayson?


1. Journey


The taxi ride was silent all the way to the airport. As the taxi pulls up to the airport, I still don't move. My eyes are glued to my hands and then suddenly I feel a hand gently placed on my knee. A shock of electricity runs through me, as I meet those beautiful blue eyes. I glance at those plump lips, the bottom one pulled in a bit and the top one puckered out. My eyes scan over his beautiful features until' his voice awakens me.

"Ari, are you sure?" I shake my head in disbelief. I look up into those ocean blue eyes and smile at him.

"Of course I'm ready." I wrap my arm around his neck and let him take his time and pull me into him. The warmth, his heartbeat, his love; something I missed. As we pulled apart, I found both of us running towards the doors of the airport.

In less than 20 minutes Louis and I were sat next to each other on a plane heading back to the U.K.

"I missed you so much Ari. You have no idea how sorry I am. I'm still stunned and confused on why on Earth you've taken me back, why you're sitting right next to me." He truly did look confused.

I lifted up the arm rest and cuddled in closer to his toned body. "It's because I love you, I'll always love you. When will you get it through you're damn mind? I'm only yours.." Louis then chimes in with me "You're only mine." Our eyes lock and he leans in for a kiss as I spotted a little girl. Brown hair, blue eyes and a bit older. My mouth falls open and tears sting my eyes.

"Baby, what's wrong?" His eyes follow my path and he goes silent then clearing his throat. "Come here." I moved in closer to him and kissed his arm, slowly and sweetly. I felt his muscles relax.

"Mum, dad?!" Both Louis and I turned to face the small child. There went Elounor running towards up. She runs straight into my arms. "Hey princess." I was trying so hard to hold back these tears. I glanced over at Louis who was all but relaxed, he looked scared and hurt. I reach over and kiss his cheek when Elounor lets go.

"El, where's your daddy at?" She glanced over her shoulder just as Max was walking up to us. "Hi Mr. George."

He laughed a bit, a quite funny laugh. The kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh too. "You do know I'm not much older than you. I feel like my granddad when people call me 'Mr. George'. Max, it is. So, I see you two seem to be doing fine."

I slightly nod my head. "Yes. Louis is my forever. I love him more than anything. Just as I love El as well."

"Yes. Oh, this is our new drummer Grayson." I look behind Max's fit body and bald head to find a familiar looking boy. His eyes locked with mine and he seemed to choke a bit. He was a bit taller than me, with bright hazel eyes and brown curly hair. He looks a bit like Harry.


I stopped in my tracks and choked a bit. Is that her? I must find out her name. I thought I was done with all this. With the illegal crap I did. I looked at her and extended my hand "Hi, I'm Grayson. Grayson Lee."

"Aria. Aria Fitz." My smile dropped into a stooping frown. I don't know what it was but all I knew was that I was scared. Scared that she would find out, remember me and send me to hell. I liked her I did, I do. I will never forgive myself for what I did to a poor innocent girl like Aria. "Nice to meet you. This is my boyfriend, Louis. Louis Tomlinson."

"Dude, you're Louis! Like the fighter Louis!"

"Fighter?" Aria looked confused and even a bit scared. I looked down at the floor, not sure of which can of worms I've just unleashed.

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