Troubled Anew (sequel to Trouble In Paradise)

Sequel to TROUBLE IN PARADISE. Louis traveled overseas declaring his love to Aria. Aria took him back. All the bad guys gone. All the drama relieved. It seems so quiet in a house where there is nothing to talk about. What if there was something even darker from the past than anybody had ever expected? What if it came back? What if it was tall with curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. What if its name was Grayson?


2. Home


I mentally slapped myself. I knew this Grayson guy. I've seen him at many of my matches. Damn it. I look over at Aria who looks completely confused, shocked and frightened. She cannot be frightened by me. Not again, not ever.

Her bright eyes turn to look at me and she says "Well?" urging me to tell her. My stomach ties in knots and anger courses through my veins. I hate this Grayson guy. Who does he think he is? Who does he think I am?

"Aria. Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just can't have you involved." She crosses her arms over her chest and although I still don't like it I see that she was only doing it so I could tell her not to. Like when we first me. "Don't be mad."

"I can't Lou. You didn't tell me. With everything we've been through, you didn't tell me you were obviously a well-known fighter. What do you mean you can't have me involved? I've been through much more than getting a little hearing damage and panic for your safety." She tells me, still with arms crossed, calmly.

I get it now. She's not mad that I'm a fighter, a boxer. She's upset because I didn't tell her. But what she doesn't know is I don't fight in huge arena's where people pay big bucks to root me on. People pay big bucks to want me dead.

I slowly pull Aria to my chest and hum in her ear, softly kissing her hair then moving to her earlobe and then down to her neck. She giggles a bit and eventually let her arms relax. I continuously whisper 'I'm sorry.' 'Forgive me.' 'I love you.' in her ear.

She then whispers in my ear "I know, I love you too. No more secrets, please." I then feel her lips brush my ear and feel her softly bite my earlobe. God, that turned me on so much. I was ready to make love to her right here on an airplane, until' I realized-we were on an airplane with a lot of passengers. What does this girl do to me?


I don't understand why Louis would lie about something like that? I don't get it? I was deep in thought until' I felt tiny arms wrap around my neck. I turn to a beautiful Elounor. "Aria, you so pretty!"

I laugh a bit and as I was about to say something Louis says "Isn't she? Aria is the prettiest girl in the whole world, that is not including you of course El." Elounor laughs and I blush.

"All passengers, please take your seats. Thank-you." The pilot announces. I hug Elounor goodbye and watch her trudge on back to her seat up in 'First-Class'. I wonder what that would be like?

I then notice there is still a presence above me, Grayson. I still know I know him from somewhere but I'm not sure. "I'll see you around, Aria." I nod and watch Grayson walk away.

I look over to Louis who is looking out the window as I feel the plane lift off into the great blue. I lean over and kiss Louis on the cheek, and as my lips hit his soft skin he turns and catches my lips. I lean in closer and close my eyes deeper. As I pull back we smile at each other and cuddle in. I pull out my phone and pop in my headphones, falling asleep to Passenger's words "don't you cry for the lost smile for the living get what you need and give what your giving life's for the living, so live it or your better off dead."


The wind is blowing strong all around me. I'm standing on a balcony, not sure where I'm at. The streets don't look familiar and neither do the people. Except that one person. I look at his perfect complexion. His curly hair and beautiful eyes, until' I notice that boy is a bit too familiar.

I hear a hum in the wind and look to the younger version of myself slowly strolling down the streets with a smile on my face. I think to myself; a memory, a very bad memory. I close my eyes and try to wake myself up, but its not working.

I then hear a loud scream and realize its me. The boy and I are no longer seen, but I can hear his voice in my ear. I can hear my screams and pleas. My stomach ties in knots, even through my sleep.

I watch a few people walk by that very ally, why is nobody helping me? Why didn't anyone care? I was so small, and I was raped. Nobody knows, nobody cares. I hear my smaller voice whimper once more before it all goes black.

My eyes open to a worried Louis. We're the last passengers and I then feel the tears still streaming down my face. Guilt fills my stomach when I look at Louis. I lied to him. I told him about my forced 'first time', but it was mostly lies. I was raped, just not in the way Louis sees it. He sees it as that boy and I had a summer romance, and then he pressured me into it. When really, I was walking back from the local bakery listening to music when my petite body was drug into the ally.

"Baby, what's wrong." Louis pulls me out of my scary thoughts and memories. I shake my head and lean in, to kiss him. He slowly kisses me back, and I take his hand in mine. We get off the plane together; ready to start our lives, once again, over.


After the long taxi ride, I notice the same, familiar house I used to call home. I will call it home once again. As Louis lets go of my hand to grab our luggage, relief surges through me as I look around to see nothings changed. It's only been 2 days, but mentally its been so much longer.

I carefully, slowly walk around, running my hands along the silver built in bookcase, in the stairs. I smile as I feel a bit of dust. After circling the whole downstairs, shuddering at a few memories, I make my way upstairs. I stand at the top of the stairs, afraid to go into our bedroom. I'm afraid to feel and remember those memories. I wish I could just forget the bad, and enhance the good.

But, I take a few steps forward, and turn the silver knob slowly pushing the door open to find everything the exact same, but a bit better somehow. The sunlight is hitting the bed perfectly. I step closer to see a box strewn across on the bed. It's red, velvet, with an untied black ribbon. It's open and I wonder what was in it. I go to pick it up but, just as soon, I feel hands around my waist and lips to my neck. My eyes close and I let out soft moans. "Lou." I say as I tilt my head sideways.

"Mm?" he responds, slowly sucking right below my ear. He nibbles at my ear and I press my back into him, feeling him. "I'm so happy we're finally home, together."

"Me too." I turn towards him, but his lips don't leave my skin. "Lou, that box?" I question. His eyes go wide and his lips slowly stop.

I hear him mumble softly "Not how I planned." I looked at him swiftly walk over to the bed gathering up something and placing it in the box. I watch it slide into his pocket. He pulls me towards him so we're straddling. His hands on my hips and mine rest around his neck. "For later."

Suspicion grew inside of me, and stayed there even when Lou and I began to kiss. Even when I was laid on my back and slowly stripped of my clothing. Even when Louis and I stared into each others' eyes, seeing right through each other as he pressed into me. Even when, I felt pleasure course through my whole body. Even when he continued to caress my body until' my eyes went heavy. Even when I whispered 'I love you' before drifting into a sleep.

I wanted to know what was for later. But, I know its important. Everything is important from here on out. Making love, making dinner. Everything. Because, Louis is all mine. I am all Louis. Forever.


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