The Twinies


6. What The Hell Did Happen!?!?!?!

I was asleep but soon as I woke up,I heard alot of noises come from outside i could hear party music,disco and laughs from outside.I tried ignoring it but suddenly a BANG ON THE DOOR!! I suddenly stood up from my bed with a jump. I started finding a place to hide.There was no place except under the bed. So i put the blanket(making it fall down t cover the down area)Down and hid under it. The door opened with a bang,luckily no one saw me and i saw foot steps coming in an closing the door behind.I thought liam told them about me.I wished for luck as the foot came near the bed i saw a hand on the blanket and WHHOS!! the blanket flew off me and Liam was standing there.I got out.Liam held my hands and helped me up he was looking upset what the hell had happeed ?!?!?!

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