The Twinies



I saw a black shadow in front of me. I opened my eyes a tried getting up.I could not stand up. I suddenly saw Liam and i went back."PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE"I begged."I wont hurt you and i am really sorry about what just happen i wanted to stop it but"."But you dont want to lose your friendship right"I interuppted."yes"Said Liam.He helped and picked me up.I really thought i liked him aswell but wait."Can i ask you s...something",I asked Hoplessly."yes,sure"he Said."do you like me like i think so because the way you look at me and help me i think you like me"I said a bit confidently." YES i do but i dont wanna lose my friendship with your sisters and my friends!! Can keep that as a secret please"Liam Said."yes i can and let me telll you something that i like you aswell and maybe we can be like friends."liam Can i come to your house because i dont have a mom or dad and i cant bear living with my sister I can get my stuff and as soon as i get my house i will shift over"I asked."hmm... yes sure i live with my mom i can explain her because she doesnt really care and she is going Canada for 2 years But I will drop and take you from school but secretly... Ok??!"Smiled Liam."alright Thanks alot"I tried smiling.And with that we exited the building.

Liam saw my sister's crew,without giving them a chance to notice he ran upto them."Where were you Liam i searche dthe whole school??"Asked Louis."classes"Said liam.Louis nodded."Isn't that your loser sister"Asked Zayn."yeah!! why you noticing her are cheating on me or somehting"exclaimed Hope."NEVA BABY"Zayn smiled and kissed Hope.the school was ova and everyone left off.

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