The Twinies



Liam was feeling sorry for me and wanted to tell me to run or help me so he thought he was gonna do something wrong so he stopped."What are you doing Liam whats up with you are you feeling alright??" Hope asked.Harry took of his shirt."NOOO PLEASE HOPE WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO STOP PLEASE I WILLS DO WATEVER YOU WANT"I screamed cause i knew now what was gonna happen."AWW Look now who is a BABY"Hoped laughed.Niall started to pull my shirt off.He was sucessfull harry laid down on me and he stuck it in and then he pushed it so hard. I Almost fainted and then Everyone started leaving me and left for the classes."It's only the demo you see think what can the full version be"Hope Shouted.I closed my eyes and wish for luck.

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