The Twinies


2. Bullied

Someone came upto me and told me that "Your sister hates you the most and thinks you are the Ugliest and the Fattest person in the world and then he said Hope said if you wanted the answer some to the building and if you don't then you see what is gonna happen.And saying that he ran to the classes.I really did not wanted to go beacuse i knew it was something really bad but the question was killing me and just punching my head that why did she start hating me when we were the best sisters. So i decided to go and find ot the reason behind it ......

After the classes were over and it wass lunchtime,I could not find my sister anywhere so i decided to go to the buliding.It was a huge buliding.I entered te buildign and saw my sister and her crew chatting about.Liam looked at me and passed a smile.I had a feeling that he liked me but he did not wanted to show it because he didn't wanted to lose his friends.Suddenly Niall catch a glance of me then of liam and he said "Liam what are you doing ?".Liam stopped looking at me and he whispered something in Naill's ear.Niall started laughing so i stop looking at them. All of the team came up to me.Hope was in Zayn's arm and was smiling,but evil smile.

So you came here. Lemme tell you no one in my crew like you so dont try to even look at them and I just wanna tell you dont tell anyone i am your sister or i will show you the demo what is gonna happen.

Zayn shouted out to Harry And Niall"Are you ready Boys!!?"."YES"Said Niall and Harry.Liam looked quite upset but smiled forecly she wanted to talk to liam but it was no chance because her sister would literally kill her. Suddenly Niall grabbed me and Harry pulled me down i tried getting up but Zayn shouted "LOUIS AND LIAM COME ON GET ON AND HELP THE BOYS".I didnot actually know what was happening and i wished for luck.......

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