The Potter Family Needs Eachother (Book One)

This Is the story of the potter family. Jayde, Harry, and Amelia. In this story Voldomort never died and the potter trio has to take on the Dark Lord with the help of some friends. They all have the same scars but in different places. Friendship and love is stronger then any kind of darkness. *I tried to make this the best Harry Potter Fan Fiction I could I'm New at this so...yeah Enjoy :)*
Cover by: Secrets Unfold (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE COVER!) ps it's only yellow because of Malfoys one line.


2. Zoos, Snakes, Mad Uncles OH MY!

Chapter Two

In the car  Amelia and Jayde had to sit in the trunk because there wasn't anymore room. Aunt Petunia suggested to put harry in there to but then Uncle Vernon said, " But they could make an escape and make us look ridiculas!". So Harry had to sit there, feeling so sorry for his younger sisters. After about half an hour they arrived at the zoo. Racing to the back of the car so thhat Harry could get his sisters out befor they went COMPLETELY insane. (Amelia was claustrophobic and would kick and punch until she got out.) Harry opend the trunk to a crying Amelia and Jayde who was sqooshed to the side trying to give her space. Harry offered Amelia his hand and pulled her out and Jayde as well. As Harry was getting his sisters out his Uncle and Aunt were already inside leaving dudley running through the doors because he was making fun of a little kid riding a bike. As Jayde got out she said, "Well lets get this over with already..." walking off with her head high with confident walked and grabbed the doors and waved for them to come inside. When they were inside Dudley got a Lollipop that was bigger than his giant head and Uncle Vernon got Amelia, Jayde, and Harry a long tootsie roll that was only 75 cents. But they all split it up into three but gave Amelia the biggest part because it was nice to see her smile once in a while and that made Harry and Jayde smile. After that they sorta seperated from there "family" and looked at some gorillas. Then Dudley started tormenting a snake so they all went over there. Harry looked down and said " Sorry about that..." "He just dosn't know how to act." Jayde said with a sneer in Dudleys direction Amelia was to happy to say anything she never saw a snake befor "Woah your brilliant," she said in awe and then saw a sign that read 'BRED IN CAPTIVITY' and looked back down at the snake "Oh, we didn't know our parents either..." then Dudley all of a sudden so entertained by the snake that wouldn't do anything rushed over and knocked Amelia down. Harry and Jayde rushed to Amelias side and checked if she was okay. Jayde had, had enough she looked at Dudley and she moved her hand and -SPLASH!-

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