The Potter Family Needs Eachother (Book One)

This Is the story of the potter family. Jayde, Harry, and Amelia. In this story Voldomort never died and the potter trio has to take on the Dark Lord with the help of some friends. They all have the same scars but in different places. Friendship and love is stronger then any kind of darkness. *I tried to make this the best Harry Potter Fan Fiction I could I'm New at this so...yeah Enjoy :)*
Cover by: Secrets Unfold (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE COVER!) ps it's only yellow because of Malfoys one line.



Chapter Eleven

Everyone was already awake in there robes heading down to breakfast. Amelia sat by Jayde who was talking to Hermione. Ron and Harry were a little late but still got yelled at by Hermione and Amelia Jayde was to busy laughing at how red there faces got. The first class they had was potions and Hermione sat right next to Jayde. It was obvious they were becoming best of friends. They all were. After Potions they had Transfiguration. It was taught by the strict looking women who introduced herself as Professor Mcgonagall. "Now students, please pick up a  apple." everyone picked up a apple and put them on there desks. "Now turn your apple into a toad" Hermionie's and Amelia's turned into toads in the first try. But a Jayde was tempted to eat her apple. It was her favorite kind, someone from HufflePuff actually ate there apple before class started and had to get another one. After about what seemed like forever Jayde turned her apple into a toad which hopped off and Professor Mcgonagall had to freeze it and grab it. "Sorry Profesor..." Jayde said. Jayde actually liked this Professor. After class they had charms. Once they were in the class room they took there seats and the professor came in. "Today class we will be learning about the levitation spell." He took out his wand and pointed it at a feather, "Wingardium Leviosa" The feather started floating. "Now don't forget the wrist movement we've been practicing. All together" everyone picked up there wand and said, "Swish and flick." Ron ended up sitting with Hermione Harry with Seamus Finnigan, who wasn't good at spells AT ALL and Amelia and Jayde sat by Hermione and Ron. "Windgardium Leviousa" Ron waved his wand rapidly. "No stop stop stop." Hermione said grabbing Ron's arm "your going to take someone's eye out, besides your saying it wrong. It's Leviosa not Leviousa" Ron got irritated and said, "You do it then if your so clever, go on go on." Hermione sat up straight and picked up her wand "Wingardium Leviosa" the feather floated high into the air. "Well Done! See everyone here miss Granger's Done it!" Hermione smiled satisfyingly at Ron who put his head in his hands. Seamus kept trying "Wingardium Leviosa Wingardium Leviosa Win-" everything around him blew up. "I think were going to need another feather over here professor." Harry said staring at the black smoke rising. After class Ron was defiantly jealous of how Hermione was better at spells then him "It's Levioooosa not LeviosaRon mocked "she's a nightmare, honestly no wonder she dosn't have any friends." Jayde stopped Ron "Ron stop if you haven't noticed I'm her friend" Hermionie pushed past Ron crying and ran. "I think she heard you" said Harry. Jayde then said, "Brilliant job Ronald" and ran after Hermione along with Amelia. At dinner Amelia and Jayde wouldn't talk to Ron. "Where's Hermione?" Harry asked. "She's in the girls bathroom, she hasn't come out of there all day." Jayde said shooting a death glare at Ron. Just at that time Professor Quill came running in yelling, "TROLLLLL IN THE DUNGEONNNNNN!" he stopped and said, "Just thought you'd wanted to know." and fainted. Ron stopped stuffing his face with candy and dropped everything and started screaming along with everyone else in the great hall and Amelia and Jayde went under neath the table pulling Ron and Harry down to because it was so loud. "SILENCEEE!" yelled the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledor. Everyone stopped screaming and running around and looked at him "Perfects will lead their houses back to there dormitories"after everyone left Harry, Ron, Amelia, and Jayde were about to get up Professor Quill stood up and looked around. Even though he didn't see them he was still very cautious of who was looking at. Everyone got out from under the table confused but they went in the direction the perfects left in. But Amelia then said, "Hermione she's still in the girls bathroom we need to go get her!" and ran off. They all followed including Ron. Once they got into the girls bathroom Hermione was under the sinks screaming. In front of them was a giant troll with a huge club. Ron, Harry, Amelia, and Jayde took out there wands. The troll started hitting the sinks that Hermione was crawling away from. They didn't actually know what to do. Apparently before they had got there the troll had already broken the wooden stalls. Harry picked up the wood scraps and started throwing them at the troll and everyone else did too. "HEY PEA BRAIN!" yelled Ron. He hit the troll right in the head. The troll got angrier and smashed more sinks. "HELP!" Hermione yelled as if it weren't already obvious. Just as the troll was about to hit another sink Harry and Amelia ran and grabbed the trolls club. They got lifted into the air and Harry landed on the trolls shoulders and Amelia got thrown off and hit a wall. The troll realized Harry was on his shoulders and got slightly confused and started jerking it's head around trying to get Harry off. "Ah, woah, WOAHHH." Harry said and was literally holding on for dear life. Jayde was hitting the trolls foot but then got kicked and hurt her leg. Harry's wand got shoved in the trolls nose. Ron made a face. Then when the troll pulled Harry off its shoulders and raised it's club Harry yelled, "DO SOMETHING!" the troll swung but Harry dodged it. "DO WHAT?" Ron yelled back. "ANYTHING!" Harry yelled dodging another swing. Ron took out his wand. "Swish and flick" Hermione reminded him. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Ron said and the club floated out of the trolls hand. The troll looked up and Ron stopped doing the spell and it dropped right on his head. "Cool." Ron said. The troll dropped Harry and started wobbling around it nearly fell on Harry but Harry backed up just in time. Hermione came out from under the sink and Harry grabbed his wand. "Is it...dead?" Hermione asked cautiously "No I don't think so... just knocked out." Harry replied trying to get the boogers off his wand. "Ew Troll Bogies" Ron said gagging. Then Jayde realized Amelia was still knocked out and rushed over but she had to Limp/Ran. All the Professors came in. "Ah" Professor Mcgonagall gasped. "Oh my goodness" Explain yourselves boys" She gestured to Harry and Ron. Hermione said as they were rambling on, "It's my fault Proffesor Mcgonagall" The Professor looked shocked, "Miss Granger." she said in a softer tone "I went looking for the troll, I read about them and thought I could handle it, but I was wrong if they hadn't come and found me I'd probably be dead." Professor Mcgonagall then said, "Being as it is, that was an extremely foolish thing to do" Harry looked at one of the Professors name Snape who had a tare in his robes and a huge gash. He covered it up and looked at him as if he just did something unforgivable. "I would expect more rational behavior on your part and I am very disapointed in you miss Granger. Five points will be taken from Gryffindor." She looked back at Harry and Ron. "As for you two gentlemen... well I just hope you know how fortunate you are. Not many first year students could take on a full grown mountain troll and live to tell the tale... Five points... will be awarded to Gryfindor." Harry smiled but it faded quickly "Wait Amelia" Harry ran to his sister. "She got hurt." she was still knocked out. The Professors rushed to her and then Professor Snape saw how Jayde was sitting. "child what's wrong with your leg." Jayde looked at him and said, "N-nothing it's fine I just... got hit sort's fine." "Well this poor girl clearly is not" Professor Mcgonagall said, "They both are to be taken to the Hospital wing immediately!" while Amelia and Jayde were in the Hospital wing Harry, Hermione, and Ron decided to go to the forbidden corridor, "Are you crazy!" Hermione shouted yet also managed to whisper, "First we run into that troll with the nose that probably had enough bogies for the whole entire school and now you want to wander around the forbidden corridor after hours!" Harry and Ron ignored her and just kept running trying to steer clear of people and professors, "Look Hermione, if you don't agree to this then why don't you just leave." Ron said irritated. Hermione stopped him and pointed at him "Because if I do then you both will be dead," Hermione was backing Ron up to a wall, "in less than at least four seconds! Do you really want that!? I didn't think so and if you have anything else to say RONALD, SAY IT NOW!" Hermione realized what she was doing put her finger down and gave Ron some air he was obviously terrified and stood there for a second,"we should go..." Harry said breaking the silence. Ron nodded Hermione was holding back a laugh at how Ron looked at the moment. Red in the face, Breathing hard, she could practically here his heart pounding. Hermione just smiled and followed them again. They got to the changing stair cases. Hermione looked at them, "Do you even know where your going?" Ron and Harry exchanged looks, "No. But maybe we can look for it." Ron said. Hermione rolled her eyes, "Do you really expect us to look through ALL of these rooms?" Harry started up the stairs, "Would you two quite fight-" He stopped talking as the stairs changed. Ron was alarmed,"Whats happening!" Hermione was trying to keep her balance, "The stairs cases change, remember!" The stairs stopped infront of a door. They all looked at each other, "Lets go that way" Harry said already at the top of the stairs. "Before the staircase moves again." Ron said a bit to bitterly. The door opened with a creek and they walked into a dark room. Harry looked around, "does anyone else...feel like we shouldn't be here?" Hermione whispered, "Of course were not supposed to be here remember this is the third floor the forbidden corridor! I thought I had made that clear!" Harry didn't like this place and all of a sudden to make everything better the torches on the walls lit up, "Lets go." A cat was behind them. -Mraaaa- ... -Mraa- they started backing away, "It's Filches cat!" Harry didn't like filch at all he was a creepy guy who is obsessed with his cat who has blood red eyes. >.<. No matter how far away they ran it was obvious where they were because the torches kept lighting themselves on fire. "Quick Lets hide in there!" Harry said pointing to an upcoming door. They all ran but harry couldn't get in, "It's locked!" Harry said in frustration. Ron looked back nervously, "Were done for." Hermione shoved pass them oh move OVER!" she took out her wand, "Alohamora!" the door opened, "shhh, get in" They all got inside and Hermione closed the door behind them, "Alahomora?" Ron asked. "It's in the book of spells, chapter seven." Hermione said. Ron opened the door and looked through it as well as Hermione, "Filch is gone." Ron looked around, "He thought it was locked.'' "It WAS locked." Hermione corrected him. Harry was being quite but then said, "And for a good reason." In front of them was a massive black dog with three heads. They all looked at it but where to much in shock to say anything. One of the heads yawned another one growled sleepilyall three of the heads rose, "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hermione, Harry, and Ron said in unison. They ran out of the room and while they were trying to get out the dogs heads were pushing and pushing to get out,"Ughhh, erg, CLOSE IT" They all said. They finally closed it and locked it quickly. They were shaking as the door kept moving and shaking. "What do they think there doing!" Ron said as they were walking back,"Keeping a thing like that locked up in a school!" Everyone was gasping, "You don't use your eyes do you?" Hermione said between breaths,"Didn't you see what it was standing on?" Ron looked at her in exasperation, "I WASN'T LOOKING AT IT'S FEET! I was a bit preoccupied counting it's heads! Or maybe YOU didn't notice." Hermione rolled her eyes, "It was standing on a trapped door, it wasn't let in there by accident" they all stopped," It was guarding something." They all looked at her, "Guarding something?" Harry questioned. Hermione looked really exhausted, "Thats right. Now if you two don't mine I'M going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse Expelled!" She walked into the girls dormitory and slammed the door shut. Ron shook his head, "She NEEDS to sort out her priorities!" Harry agreed and with that they went to bed.

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