The Potter Family Needs Eachother (Book One)

This Is the story of the potter family. Jayde, Harry, and Amelia. In this story Voldomort never died and the potter trio has to take on the Dark Lord with the help of some friends. They all have the same scars but in different places. Friendship and love is stronger then any kind of darkness. *I tried to make this the best Harry Potter Fan Fiction I could I'm New at this so...yeah Enjoy :)*
Cover by: Secrets Unfold (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE COVER!) ps it's only yellow because of Malfoys one line.


6. To Diagon Alley

Chapter Six 

No one knew where they were going except Hagrid. Amelia was tired since it was now morning and they were up all night and soon, fell asleep. After a while Jayde slumped down and fell asleep as well. And soon it was harry's turn and he mumbled something and fell asleep with Amelia on his shoulder. Harry woke up to a Smiling Amelia shaking his shoulder and Jayde poking him not even looking at him but grabbing gum and throwing a piece at him. He took it and saved it for later. "Well here we are!" Hagrid bellowed. Jayde looked pretty interested and said,"Where exactly is Here?" Hagrid looked down at her and said, "Diagon Alley of coarse!" Harry stared at a goblin muttering to himself as Amelia tried to take in everything with her big green eyes. Hagrid took them into a wizard bank. Amelia said, "What are we doing here?" Hagrid looked down at her and smiled his usual friendly smile and said, "You don't think that your parents left you nothin'!?" A goblin took them down to an underground thingy but Harry was to distracted comforting her sister since she was scared of 1. Heights and they were only on a railing in a little cart, And 2. Goblins. Soon they were at a huge vault that had so much gold and silver in it. The goblin let them in and gave Harry a pouch. "Go grab some money" Amelia told Harry assuming that's what the pouch was for. Harry grabbed 15 of each. Once they were out of the wizard bank Hagrid told Harry to take out the list that was with his letter "Uniforms,"Harry read aloud "First years shall purchase black robes after sorting you shall get your official robes." Hagrid led them into a clothing shop and said, "Three black robes please have them fitted" Hagrid looked at them "and some new cloths please?" Three ladies went straight to work Amelia came out with a blue shirt and a grey sweatshirt and black leggings with a headband that complimented her perfectly since she had beautiful emerald green eyes and wavy brown hair with brown leather boots. Jayde came out with a Nerd glasses a red beanie Black skinny jeans with a belt and a long sleeve black shirt that had butterfly's flying out of a cage and words that said "butterflies in my stomach" and red converses. she blew a bubble with her gum and her blonde hair laid on her shoulders perfectly. Harry came out with a flannel shirt that had a white T-shirt underneath and blue jeans with some sneakers. Hagrid sorted out the money Harry had grabbed from the vault and bought there cloths. "Next thing on the list is" Harry said "Wands..." Hagrid looked straight ahead and said "Well then we 'ought to go to Olivanders!" He walked them to the shop and said,"Go and get a wand and i'll get the rest of 'yer supplies." and with that he walked off with there stuff and list. Harry, Amelia, and Jayde went into the building. There, behind a dusty desk was a man with hair pointed every way.

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