The Potter Family Needs Eachother (Book One)

This Is the story of the potter family. Jayde, Harry, and Amelia. In this story Voldomort never died and the potter trio has to take on the Dark Lord with the help of some friends. They all have the same scars but in different places. Friendship and love is stronger then any kind of darkness. *I tried to make this the best Harry Potter Fan Fiction I could I'm New at this so...yeah Enjoy :)*
Cover by: Secrets Unfold (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE COVER!) ps it's only yellow because of Malfoys one line.


10. The First Day

Chapter Ten

After Amelia woke up almost suffocating from Romeo laying on her head but slowly falling down to her face she picked him up and laid him on her pillow. She got on her robes and woke up Jayde who was snoring. She actually thought that Specks was snoring to but she just ignored it. Jayde woke up yelling at her and putting her pillow over her head but when Amelia got a cold glass of water out Jayde was up and grumpy, as they put on there robes and brushed there hair Amelia put her hair in a braid and Jayde just brushed her hair and left it alone. As they went down to the common room Hermione was already up reading a brewing text book. "How can you be up!?" asked Jayde yawning Hermione laughed a little and said, "The early Gryffindor gets a head start on classes!" smiling with her book "OH!. We should get breakfast." Hermione said and as she did Ron and Harry came downstairs. "Morning" they all said at once. It made Amelia chuckle slightly. They all headed downstairs and sat at the Gryffindor table. Jayde was drawing in a little tiny journal and eating at the same time. She put her book away when Harry tried peering over her shoulder to see it. "I don't think so." she said teasingly. "Come on you draw in that stupid all the time just let me see ONE drawing Please?" Harry said begging. "Nope, dream on" she smiled and walked out." Harry just drank some juice and followed her soon everyone left and was walking to there classes. Draco bumped into Jayde. "Watch it Malfoy!" Harry helped her up. Draco waited on the floor and said, "C'mon help me up" Jayde glared at him "I'd rather rust on the ground" and walked off with Harry, Amelia, Hermione, and Ron following. They all had potions first and the only one who was excited was Hermione but she's excited for every class... Professors name was Snape. Harry noticed that Amelia was really uncomfortable but didn't think much of it. Professor Snape was the man that was staring at them. Jayde was to pissed off to care about how to make a poly juice potion and either way they weren't even making the potion apparently the potion is to difficult which made Hermione annoyed. Sometimes Harry would have to turn the pages of the book for Jayde. After class was over the day's flew by so quickly and before you knew it, it was already Saturday. Amelia woke up first because Hermione was still sleeping. She dresses in some white and black striped tights, a pink sweater that says "I'm Really A Unicorn". She decided to leave her hair alone and just put on some white diamond lip earrings and pulled on some studded flats. Jayde woke up with a yawn and patted speck on the head. She got out of bed and got dressed in a white crop top under a black studded vest with ripped jeans and brown boots. Jayde went down stairs to Amelia who was playing with her wand. As rainbow swirls played with her kitten Romeo. "Why aren't you at breakfast?" Jayde asked suspiciously. Amelia didn't look up but just said, "Not hungry" Jayde shrugged. Hermione came down stairs in a blue and white striped T-shirt and boot cut jeans and sneakers with glossy lips. "Morning" she said smiling with her hair as bushy as could be. "Good-morning" Amelia said. "Hey guys want to go walk around grounds? Maybe say Hi to Hagrid?" Hermione smiled along with Amelia. While they were walking down the grand staircases they talked about there favorite classes. "I like charms...I guess." Jayde said. Hermione sounded surprised, "Really? I thought that you would have liked defense against the dark arts." Jayde shook her head, "Guess I'm not really what you thought." She smiled. Once they were outside they decided to just wander around grounds. As they were walking they tried to steer clear of Malfoy and his goons. Harry found them along with Ron so they were just walking and talking. it was obvious that Hermione and Ron didn't get along well. Soon it was already Monday.

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