The Potter Family Needs Eachother (Book One)

This Is the story of the potter family. Jayde, Harry, and Amelia. In this story Voldomort never died and the potter trio has to take on the Dark Lord with the help of some friends. They all have the same scars but in different places. Friendship and love is stronger then any kind of darkness. *I tried to make this the best Harry Potter Fan Fiction I could I'm New at this so...yeah Enjoy :)*
Cover by: Secrets Unfold (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE COVER!) ps it's only yellow because of Malfoys one line.


1. The Birthday Death Wish

Chapter One

The Doorbell rang and Jayde stood up with urgency as well as her younger sister Amelia and older brother Harry (they're all the same age but Two days apart)  "Get the door you lousy ungreatful twits!" Shouted Uncle Vernon. Harry told Amelia and Jayde to stay in Dudleys room and continue cleaning. As Harry hurried downstairs and answered the door to receive the mail Amelia went downstairs to cook her nasty cousin Dudleys breakfast. "Wheres my coffee!" said Uncle Vernon in a annoyed tone. In a small voice Amelia said, "Here sir,..." Amelia handed her uncle the cup of coffee. Harry sneered. He hated when his sister's were treated like they were and he knew he couldnt do anything about it. He gave his Aunt Patunia the mail. In that time Jayde came downstairs and said, "Dudley your rooms clean..." Dudley made a face that could make milk go sour. "I don't care!" with a glance at the table he saw all his presants. It was his birthday... "Hey! WHERE ARE THE REST OF MY PRESANTS!" Dudley shouted. "Calm down dear. I promise we'll get you two more presants when we go to the zoo" assured Aunt Petunia. "And we'll keep the animals out of the picture..." said Uncle Vernon trying to let it slide. Dudley looked as if he had just seen murder "WHAT!? I DON'T WANT THEM TO COME WITH!" Amelia, Jayde, and Harry were now standing side by side "THEY RUIN EVERYTHING AND THEY LOOK SO PATHETIC!" He wasn't wrong... About the Pathetic looking part because this would be the first time they got out of this stupid house. Amelia was wearing a ripped and tattered skirt that revealed her scabs and brusies and a scar on here knee that resembled a lightning bolt with a baggy T-shirt. Jayde was wearing jeans with holes everywhere and a button down shirt with only a half of sleeve on one arm so that it was covering her identical scar on her shoulder. Harry was also wearing jeans that seem to have lost world war one and a shirt that looked as if it was dragged out of a hole and beaten to a pulp and he also had a scar on his forhead that was also in the form of a lightning bolt. Even though dudley yelled kicked and screamed he lost in the end and the "pathetic animals" were coming along wether he liked it or not.

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