The Sea

Holly was your average girl.Untill one day when she went swimming in the ocean and all of the sudden she was dragged under the water.


1. The night

            "Hey!" "What are you doing over there!". Hi my name is Holly. Pretty tired from all this runnin to tell ya the truth. I live in Sydney. "Get over here you!" Sorry about that,e and a few buddies went across the military testing site, and actually saw the ocean. It was great. Ever since the attack we haven't been able to cross the border considering we're the only city that hasn't been affected.... I did it I got away from the guard and into my little tiny apartment. Of course it's just me and my mums. After the attack my dad was sent of to fight them. "Them". Being the zombies that were once people until they caught the virus. Untill they turned society was booming. Many people would share their items not hoard them, that's how much people had changed. Untill they found out there was a secret military base that was testing with a not so friendly virus. Before I go to sleep I shall tell you what the virus does. First you have to get infected when your in water, "that's why we can't swim" but anyways what the virus does is it attacks your respitory system first, it doesnt necessarily kill you but it blocks your breathing for a certain amount of time Untill you pass out. Next, the virus disfigured your body and you can feel it the pain it's terrible. You know skin graphs that's what it's like but a thousand times worse.after that you feel this emmense hunger for blood and flesh. But your disfigured body can't move fast enough to get someone so your constantly groaning and moaning, but you can't talk. The catch is you know what your doing but your so hungry for flesh you just can't stop trying to chase someone...

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