Its about a couple and they are engaged and they have a son and they fight all the time. And there son is tired of seeing it and gets upset


2. ChapteR 2

As I am getting yelled at by my fiancé he keeps getting louder and louder and I can't take it anymore.

BITCH you need to back the fuck the off of me im not someone you cant just throw around, I said to him. Your telling me to leave you alone you got another thing coming,  he said to me. Yes, I am telling you to leave me the fuck alone and to get the fuck out off my house, I said. He says to me, okay is that how you want it to be then fine i'll leave but you got something coming to you.

So as he's packing his shit up I'm feeling good cause I suck for myself. He leaves for about a month or two and me and our son where walking down the street and I see him Cayden doesn't see his daddy thank you LORD that he didn't see him. Cayden is his daddy's pride and joy ad would do anything to take him from me. So I am trying to hide me and Cayden so we go into a crowd to hide from his dad. Cayden finally saw he dad and started running to him so I ran after Cayden, but his father saw him and picked him up and ran off with him. So as a concerned parent I call 991. They ask me what my emergency was and I said that my son was kidnapped and they asked for a description if male or female, hair color, eye color everything. Male, Blonde, and baby blue eyes, he's really tall scrawny and he loves his son so he will do anything to keep him, as I say to the secretary.

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