Its about a couple and they are engaged and they have a son and they fight all the time. And there son is tired of seeing it and gets upset


1. ChapteR 1

        As me and my fiancé fight day by day our son cries his eyes out saying daddy daddy please don't hurt mommy. He continues to cry,and his daddy says I'm not going to hurt mommy I'm going to teach her a lesson. Why daddy?, he says why must you teach mommy a lesson. Because mommy won't listen to daddy anymore. Why mommy why won't you listen to daddy, he says as he cries harder and harder.. As our son starts crying header and harder red tears start to poor from his face. As I see my son crying red tears I began to cry with him. Son please stop crying mommy will listen to daddy for now on and you won't have to see this ever again,as I say to my son. Then one day I took our son over to his grandmas to stay the night. When I was driving on my way back home a song came on called Save Him I can't remember who it's by but it made me cry until I got home. My fiancé asked why I was crying and I said to him because this song came on and it reminded me of our relationship with each other. What's it called?, he asked. It's called Save Him, I replied. What's it about?, he asked. It's about a woman and a man that have a son and he beats her and kills all three of them at the end. He gets confused and says how is that us huh I don't beat you I teach you a lesson,as he is yelling I'm also crying and thinking to myself I can't deal with this anymore but if I try to leave he'll come after me and try to take control. Should I run with our son I asked myself or should I just take it and one day he'll take both of our lives and won't have to deal with his shit ever again because we will be in heaven....



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