Falling For The Bad Boy (Luke Hemmings AU)

He kissed me hard.

"I want you." He whispered against my lips. I kissed him back with just as much force.

"So take me." I whispered.


1. Prolouge


As the truck came to a stop, I looked at the new building. The building I would call my home for the next few years.


It was beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't my home. It would never be my home.


My home was where all my best memories had happened. Where all my friends were. I would have to make friends all over again, and that was going to be impossible. Being socially awkward at the age of 16 wasn't fun. Always getting picked on. Made fun of. I sighed.


"Come on, Ally! We're letting you choose your room first." Said my father's irritating girlfriend, Susan.


My parents had gotten divorced a few months back and Susan and my father started dating shortly after. My mother decided that she had dealt with a child for far too long and gave my father full custody of me, which is why I was here with him instead of her now.


"At least one good thing will come of moving here." I mumbled. I unbuckled my seat and opened my door, feeling the crisp September air hit me. As I hopped out, I took another long look at my new home. It was fairly large with deep red, brick walls. It had a black roof and a black door. It was a two-story house. Two large windows that jutted out from the house were far up above me.


There must be window seats in there, I thought.


I began walking towards the front door and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.


The door opened quietly, and I peeked inside.


Basic black and white walls filled my sight. There was a tall staircase against the left wall. Stepping inside, I walked over to it and began to walk up the stairs. As I reached the top, I noticed that there were four different doors. Three on the left, one directly in front of me, and one on the right. I decided to look into each of the rooms, starting with the one on the right.


As I stepped forward, the hardwood floor made a loud squeak. I was startled at first, but then realized that it had only been the floor. I turned the door knob and looked around. Four plain white walls. It wasn't the room that appeared to have a window seat. Sighing, I walked out of the room and shut the door. I opened the next door. It was a small bathroom. It had a small shower and a small sink. It was a grayish color and had perfect black stars painted across the walls, almost as if they were tattooed on. I closed the door and decided to skip the next one.


I didn't want a bedroom that was next door to a bathroom. It didn't sound appealing. I stopped at the last door and opened it slowly.


Please! Lord, please! Please let this room be the one with a window seat. Please!, I thought.


Looking inside, I had realized that it was indeed the room that I had seen. I left the door open and ran outside.


"Ally! Are you gonna help us or what?!" My father asked. I looked around and noticed that our belongings were scattered around our yard.


"Oh! Yeah, sure." I said as I rushed over to my father's truck, opening the door and grabbing my suitcases. I ran back inside and up the staircase once again. Setting my bags down, I decided to check out my window seat.


It was a pretty site. I saw the trees with their red and orange leaves. I saw the pink mixed in with the blue as the sun began to set. I saw my father and Susan carrying their things inside. The one thing that I didn't expect to see, was a tall blonde boy wearing all black staring back at me. Startled, I jumped off of my seat and out of my room. I had no clue who he was or why he was staring at me, but it made me uncomfortable. I can't stand people staring at me, but especially not him. He made me...uneasy.


I shook the thoughts out of my head and rushed downstairs to help unpack.




"So have you chosen your room yet?" Susan asked. We were currently unpacking her belongings in her dresser. Her and my father were sharing the room across from mine.


"Actually, yeah." I replied with a smile.


"That's good. Which one?" She asked as she put her blond hair up into a bun.


"The one across the hall." I pointed. She nodded.


"Go unpack your stuff. Okay, hon?" I nodded. I finished folding the shirt that was in my hands and set it in the drawer. I walked across the hall and into my room. It was a light gray color. After I had gone downstairs earlier, I immediately put my curtains up. I didn't want anyone to see me. Especially that boy. I'm not quite sure, but I believe that he lives across the street. I sighed.


I really need to stop thinking about him. I decided to put my make my bed. My dark purple covers didn't look too bad with the color of my room.


Once I had finished up my bed, I put away my clothing. We had put all of my furniture in my rom, but my belongings still needed to be sorted out. Dresses in my closet. Shirts in my closet. Pants, leggings, and skirts in my dresser. Shoes in my closet. Bras, socks, and underwear in my dresser. Jewelry in my jewelry box. Books on my bookshelf, and blankets and pillows were on my window seat. I looked at my phone.


11:43 PM.


It was getting late, but it wasn't too much of a problem. Tomorrow was Saturday. I still had a couple of days before I started at my new school. A. Lee High School.


"Were gonna go to bed. I suggest that you do the same soon. Alright?" Said my father. I nodded.


"I know."


"Alright. Night, Ally. Love you."


"Love you, too, Dad."


"Love ya, Ally."


"Same to you, Susan."


After they had left, I shut my bedroom door. I couldn't go to sleep. I was still too awake.


"What to do...what to do..." I mumbled. "Oh! I'll hang up posters." I searched through my bags until I found some. Using the tape I had put in my nightstand, I began to tape them up.


Pink Floyd. The Beatles. The Who. The Ramones. The Rolling Stones. Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix. Nirvana. The Doors. Johnny Cash. All Time Low. I had all kinds of posters. I loved music. I loved any kind of music. I yawned.


"Jesus. What time is it?" I sat down on my bed and laid back. I stared at the ceiling and started twisting my long brown hair between my fingers. Slowly, I began to doze off into a deep sleep.




A/N: Well. That was horrible. Tell me if it was good or bad and if I should continue please. I just want to know if you like it.





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