Hold Me Tight (ON HOLD)

Shy Jessica Bell's life isn't very jolly. Her father is abusive and alcoholic. However, when she suddenly runs away to her best friend, Gemma's house, she has to deal with her troublemaking, girl seducer, brother who she unlikely becomes fond of.

Credit to @LifeOfADemigod124 for the cover!


13. The concert pt.2

-by ayyeitsthatwierdgirl123-

"Jessica?!?" Harry asked.
I nodded and glared my eyes at his puppy face. I knew I couldn't let him win. He reached his hand out to grab my hand, and I smacked it away. Seeing his jaw-dropped surprised face, I added 
"You had your chance and you used it up with someone else". The rest of the boys laughed as Harry stormed into the bathroom.

The boys went over and pounded on the door.
"C'mon out, Harry! The show starts in 20 minutes!" Niall yelled.
"Yeah we need you!" Zayn said.
I rolled my eyes as I knocked on the door and said "it's your fault!" And stormed out the door.

As I walked out to the parking lot, I heard the click of high heels meaning Gemma was behind me. Without knowing, Avery, silent as a mouse, was next to me.
"You did the right thing, I think." She smiled. I gave a little fake smile back.
"Please come back the shows starting!" Gemma yelled. I had forgotten she was here.
Reluctantly I walked back through the double doors to my doom.

Nobody was there when I walked in except a security guard to escort me to my seat. As I sat down, I could see that Harry had been crying. Part of me felt bad, while part of me knew he deserved it. I couldn't help crying a little, and Avery hugged me. I was glad that some people didn't treat me like I was another toy in a store.

On the car ride home, I dozed off, until 10 minutes later when I was awoken by a speed bump. I noticed Gemma was silent(finally) and Avery wasn't there. I yawned and asked Gemma
"Where's Avery?"
She said in a hurry,
"Oh I don't know" and she sounded tense. "Ok she went to..." She paused. "She went to Liam's house!! Ok! Happy!!" She screamed.
I was shocked. "We are going there right now!" I ordered her. "Ok jeez!" She said. As we pulled into the driveway is could tell things weren't going to go well.

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