Hold Me Tight (ON HOLD)

Shy Jessica Bell's life isn't very jolly. Her father is abusive and alcoholic. However, when she suddenly runs away to her best friend, Gemma's house, she has to deal with her troublemaking, girl seducer, brother who she unlikely becomes fond of.

Credit to @LifeOfADemigod124 for the cover!


4. **PLZ READ**

Hey guys so I've been doing a character contest, however people haven't been entering. If people won't enter in the next week or so, I'll have to close the contest. Anyone can write. You don't have to be a fan of me, you don't have to like or favorite it either to be in it. Anyone can enter. Write a bio of your self ( what you look like, name, age, personality, location,etc.)

Thank you to my fans! Also thank you for the 5 likes and favorites to my story. All of you guys and girls are beautiful.

~Niall's Oreo

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