Hold Me Tight (ON HOLD)

Shy Jessica Bell's life isn't very jolly. Her father is abusive and alcoholic. However, when she suddenly runs away to her best friend, Gemma's house, she has to deal with her troublemaking, girl seducer, brother who she unlikely becomes fond of.

Credit to @LifeOfADemigod124 for the cover!


14. Love at First Sight

**ayyeitsthatweirdgirl123's part of the chapter**

I hopped out of the car and ran up to the door. I knocked and it opened. My jaw dropped.

I saw Liam standing there with his arms around Avery's waist. She squealed as she turned her head to the side.

"Avery?" I asked her. Liam smiled and said

"Yep, we're together." And they kissed. Like I wasn't there. " *clears throat* Hello?!" Liam pulled away and said to Avery

"Go with your friends." She walked out and blew a kiss to him. Gemma dragged her out to the car.

She started yelling at her. I felt bad for Avery. She had just gotten the best boyfriend ever. He was sweet, gentle, and could keep everything under control. Not to mention he is a great kisser.

The drive back home was silent. Nobody talked because Gemma was ticked off. Avery was cowering in her seat. Oh boy.

¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ Niall's Oreo's part of the chapter ¥¥¥¥¥

Avery sniffled as she ran up to the guest room she was staying in. Gemma didn't look like her usual bubbly happy self. She had a cold disappointed look the burnt in the back of Avery's head as she left.

I sat down on the sofa and sighed. This day went from one person being mad to literally all three of us.

"Gemma seriously you can't be mad at her forever. If they're in love, you can't stop them."

Gemma rolled her eyes. "Well I'm going to stay mad at her as long as I want." She spoke shooting me a look.

Rude much?

"Seriously Gemma? Give her a break! You can't control her choices! Gosh!" I spoke up for my new friend, and stormed up to Avery's room.

I heard soft sobbing and faint voices.


I didn't hear any response so I just invited myself in.

I saw something that literally made me do a double take.

Written by: ayyeitsthatweirdgirl123 and Niall's Oreo

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