Hold Me Tight (ON HOLD)

Shy Jessica Bell's life isn't very jolly. Her father is abusive and alcoholic. However, when she suddenly runs away to her best friend, Gemma's house, she has to deal with her troublemaking, girl seducer, brother who she unlikely becomes fond of.

Credit to @LifeOfADemigod124 for the cover!


9. Hatred

I rolled my eyes when Gemma burst into my room without knocking, ending my train of thoughts. Just before I was about to tell what happened.


"Ow that was my ear," I sighed

Sometimes I envy Gemma's personality. She was happy and fun, while I was literally miserable these past few days.


My jaw dropped.

"You mean One Direction with H-Harry S-Styles?" I stuttered just saying his name

"Yes," she said slowly.

"Well I'm not going. I don't ever want to see him again and you know that!" I huffed

"Oh c'mon don't be an bitch. I already got tickets for all of us!"

"Fine......Who's all of us?"

You, me and Avery!"

"Who's Avery?"

"My other best friend. You'll like her. She's nice. Stop asking so many questions!" She giggled

"Stop giving so many answers," I mumbled.

She finally left the room. Ok...... I'll tell the story.


Harry held my hand as we sat on the meadow's bright green grass on the last day before we had to drive to the auditions.

"I love you," he spoke in a husky voice.

Wow he wasn't said that in awhile.

"I love you too," I spoke softly, "Promise that you won't forget about me," I could feel tears threatening to spill. I couldn't hold them back anymore. I cried and cried into Harry's shoulder.

"How could I ever forget about such a beautiful girl?" He comforted me.

I loved him in my heart and mind back then, but after XFactor it turned into pure hatred.


I was sitting in the Styles living room, eating a slice of pizza, and watching Extra tv. I took a bite of my pizza, but suddenly chocked after what I heard on the news.

"Harry Styles was seen with a older lady? Tune in for the news!"

W-What??? Harry and I are still dating. We texted each other all during XFactor and even afterwards, but the past week he's been ignoring me. It says he's read my texts, but he's just never responded.

"It's official directioners! Harry Styles and Caroline Flack are dating!" Mario Lopez stated.

Who the hell is that chick? Without hesitation, I went onto Google search and searched her up. My jaw completely dropped

"Oh..My....God..." I muttered staring at my iPhone screen.

S-She's 31 fried chicken years old!

(fried+ chicken=fricken)

That about 17 years apart!

I decided to call Harry.

"Hello? Harry?" I spoke

"Uh.....who is this?" He asked. I heard faint voices of boys.

I was shocked, "Uhm it's J-Jessica, J-Jessica Bell? Your girlfriend?"

"Oh you... Listen Jessica I don't love you anymore. Caroline is my world and I love her more than I could ever love you." He said blandly

"Oh really! You think you can go from girl to girl playing with them like they're little toys! Well, we aren't I have feelings! YOU'RE YOU'RE A WOMANIZER!" I screamed, "I HATE YOU WITH PASSION!"

"Whoa there, just because you aren't good enough doesn't mean I'm a womanizer. Listen I'm sorry-"


The line went dead. Oh nuh uh I wasn't done with him. I tried calling him again but a notification popped up saying he blocked me.

The words repeated in mind. You aren't good enough. You aren't good enough. I shuttered feeling lonely inside.

-------END OF FLASHBACK------

I thought I could never forgive him. I thought I would hate him forever. But maybe it could change. Somehow, someway. Or maybe we could go terribly wrong. Maybe I could have more hatred towards him.

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