Hold Me Tight (ON HOLD)

Shy Jessica Bell's life isn't very jolly. Her father is abusive and alcoholic. However, when she suddenly runs away to her best friend, Gemma's house, she has to deal with her troublemaking, girl seducer, brother who she unlikely becomes fond of.

Credit to @LifeOfADemigod124 for the cover!


1. Beginning


Jessica's POV

I woke up to usual noises in my house.

Slap. Slap.

Yelps and screams, but the voice didn't sound like the normal. It didn't sound like my stepmom.

Then it hit me. Like a great wave crashing down on me. Making me fall in minutes, no seconds.

It was usual that dad was drunk. It was usual that he was abusing in my family, but who?

I quietly slipped downstairs to see a shocking picture.

My older sister, Bethany was being whipped with my father's belt. I gasped and head whipped in my direction.

"Jessica, NO!" She cried in terror

My father started to walk over to me raising his belt with anger filled eyes.


I ran. Ran faster than I thought I could. I needed to leave. But where? My mind raced with billions of thoughts...................

Where could I could?

Where would I go?

How do I get there?

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