The Agency

Cameron was an ordinary girl until she was recruited to be some secret agent, leaving behind her whole life. Now she must learn to adjust to her new school, new job, new world. She has to cope with going to bow and arrow lessons instead of art, and field trips sometimes require going halfway around the world. Join Cameron in her struggle to fit in, and deny her forbidden love for another.


5. I've arrived

Cameron's pov.

I went into the hotel that the academy got me a room in. It was a nice hotel. I could smell the chlorine of the pools and it was about ten stories tall. The lobby was big with a nice couch and security gaurds lining the elevator doors.

"Hi, reservation for Lacey Barnum?"

"You're Lacey Barnum?"


"I thought you would be prettier."

"Excuse me?"

"obviously, you have money. so I thought you would be prettier. You're floor 9. Room 922."

"Thanks, I think?"


I frowned and she continues smacking on her gum. The elevator doors were gold and when they opened, it revealed a mini chandelier and a wall lined with mirrors. After a 15 second ride inside the elevator, I stepped out in the nice, clean hallway. I kept walking down it until I reached my door. 922.

I turned the golden handle and looked at my beautiful bed. King sized bed, Flat screen tv, kitchen-filled with food, gorgeous bathroom, two couches, laundry room. It was like a mini apartment.

"Woah..." I said to myself. 

I heard my phone beep and took it out to see a text from the agency.

Lacey, the men will be headed to a dinner tonight at Hache at 7:00. Be sure to blend in. Do not wear a bright or attention grabbing outfit. Be careful, Miss Barnum. We are all counting on you. Good luck. 

I nodded to myself and went to my bag. They said everything I needed for the assignment was here. Ranging from bathing suits to ball gowns. I picked a shirt, scarf, shorts, and shoes. I think these will work. I left my hair down and curled it like Destiney said to. 

The clock said 6:30. Plenty of time. I got into a car that was pulled outside for me. 

'Oh god.' I thought, my eyes closed.

When I got inside, I immediately saw the target. I called the agency on the bluetooth as a waiter gave me a table close by to them. 

"Cameron?" The head mistress said from the other end.

"Yeah." I whispered. "I'm at the restaurant."

"Don't whisper!"


"What are they doing?"

I looked over at the table. They all seemed normal. The blonde one was laughing at this brunette. This other guy with green eyes was drinking his water. The dude with the tan skin was talking and the last guy was just...eating..

"They are just eating."

"Are any of them talking?"


"What is he saying?"

"I don't know. The waiter didn't put me close enough."

"Do a walk by and get a piece of their conversation."

I got up and walked by. Blondie stopped laughing and was now listening to the tan one. Curly was listening, too. Every one was.

"Are you seriously going to do that?" Blondie asked.

"Yeah. I'm nervous."

"Why. She has to say yes."

"I know, but what if she doesn't want to?"

"She has to."

Is she a hostage? What does she have to do? I walked into the restroom, stayed in there for about a minute, then walked back by again.

"You better do it or I will." brunette said.

"No! I want to do it! I have to!"

"Better hurry time is running out..."

My eyes widened as I took a seat. 

"They are talking about some girl and what she has to do."

"What does she have to do?"

"I don't know! And one of them said that time was running out."

"Oh no...oh no! They are going to kill the poor girl!"

"What?!" I screamed.

THe guys at the table looked at me. I quickly turned around hoping they wouldn't see my face. 

"What do I do?" 

"Follow them. See where they are holding her."

"Yes ma'am."

"Now what are they doing?"

"They are getting the waiter for their check I think." 

"Leave now, just wait in your car until they leave then tell the driver to go."


"Ok, Miss Jenson, good luck."

"Thank you."

SHe hung up. 

I ran outside and waited in my car. They guys finally came out and left. We followed them to a nice house. Blondie got out and went inside.

"Pull around the corner. Don't let them see."

I got out and hid behind the fence. When he went inside, I sprinted across the yard and crouched down by a window. The light in the room turned on and I peaked in. This must be his bedroom. I looked around for anything suspicious. Nothing. I went to the back yard to gert stopped by a fence. I groaned and started to climb. WHen I made it over I was greeted by a dog. He started barking loudly.

"Shh! Shut up!" I whispered.

The backdoor opened as I scurried under the deck, dog in hand. I put my hand over his...mouth to keep him quiet. 


The dog bit me and I squealed. I looked up, hoping that Blondie didn't hear me. His feet started moving slowly over the wood. I held my breath. Please don't find me. He started down the stairs and I squished further back. I let the dog go hoping it would distract Blondie.

"Hey, boy! Was that you? Were you the one making all that noise?"

The dog barked.

"Yeah? You were?"

Thank you dog.

They went back inside and my heart rate went back to normal. I crawled out from underneath the deck and started back over the fence.

"Hey!" He screamed.

I looked behind me, alarmed. On the deck Was Blondie. I hurried off of the fence and ran back to the car.

"Go, go, go!" I told the driver.

The last thing I saw of Blondie's house was Blondie himself running into the front yard.

I let out a sigh of relief when we turned out of his neighborhood. 


In the hotel, I plopped on my bed. I took off my shoes and the unnecessary scarf. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower to wash off all of the sweat and my make up from tonight. My hair went back to it's straight state but stayed brown, sadly. I took out the contacts and my eyes went from green then back to brown. When I put on my pajamas, I almost looked like me. If my hair was blonde and I was tanner, it would have been a match.

I layed down on my bed and fell asleep. Boy, what a tiring day.

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