The Agency

Cameron was an ordinary girl until she was recruited to be some secret agent, leaving behind her whole life. Now she must learn to adjust to her new school, new job, new world. She has to cope with going to bow and arrow lessons instead of art, and field trips sometimes require going halfway around the world. Join Cameron in her struggle to fit in, and deny her forbidden love for another.


4. getting ready

Camerons pov.

"Wait, you actually got an assignment?" Aria asked.

"Yeah. I just got a text from Donnie that said that I needed to go to the makeup building...where is that?"

"Oh let me show you."

She grabbed my wrist and led me down the mini town in the academy. We eventually got to a beautiful building. There were mahogany doors for the entrance with a gorgeously decorated window. When we walked inside, there were equally beautiful people. A blonde lady looked and me and Aria with disapproving eyes.


"Hey Destiny!" Aria said. "She needs to get ready for a job."

"What is she doing?"

"Um, I'm going to Camden to uh, lure some guys out. They're 12's."

"Ooh be careful! I hear they are evil."

"Yeah, Cam. They won't hesitate for a moment to kill you. You better not let them find out about them."

"Thanks! I'm not terrified any more."

"Don't tell them your real name." Destiny said.

"Say it's Lacey!"

"Um o-"

"And we should dye your hair brown!" Aria says

"And get her those colorful, you would be cute with green eyes!"


They made my hair brown and then made me take out my contacts to put in the special kind that make my eyes green. After that, they put me inside this tanning booth thingy that didn't make you tanner, but paler. They curled my hair and changed my wardrobe to a "London style that, like, every London girl is wearing" - Destiny's words- and lastly put makeup on me.

"And this, ladies and gentle men, is Lacey Barnum, a journalist making her big break in London." Aria said, showing me to everyone in the room.

They all smiled and Aria turned me around so I could see myself for the first time sense the makeover. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't even recognize myself. I had to touch my face to make sure it was actually me. 

"I...Woah, is this really me?"

"Yes, you nerd." She smiled. "We need to get your journals so you can write about your big London break."


The next morning, I woke up extra early. I had to in order to catch my flight. Everything was packed and I had a carry on with a laptop, journals, and a few pencils. 

As soon as I ate, I left to get on my flight.

Camden, here I come

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