Just friends

Cecelia and Jacob have been best friends since the start of primary school and that hasn't changed, despite what everyone thinks the pair are adamant that they are 'just friends' but when Cecelia's relationship brakes down only weeks before their prom Jacob is left to mend her broken heart and smashed dreams...


1. This is me

Cecelia..such a posh name, personally I prefer Cece so that's what I'm known as around school. I'm in my last year of school and I've only got a few exams left before I can finally leave this dump they call a school.

Don't get me wrong I'm going to miss all my friends and the few teachers I actually get along with but I just can't wait to leave this hell whole. Luckily my two best friends- Jacob and Renee - and I are trying to go to the same collage so that we don't have to leave each other, I hate the fact that my boyfriend Dom is going to be moving up north somewhere, he hasn't actually told me where yet, but I know I'll still be able to visit him in the holidays and weekends.

Things are going pretty well at the moment, mum and dad are getting on surprisingly well after their separation nearly a year ago, my older sister Minnie just got accepted in to oxford university and my younger twin brother and sister, Skylar and Kai, are just starting their second year in primary school.

So yeah this is me and my life...

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