Just friends

Cecelia and Jacob have been best friends since the start of primary school and that hasn't changed, despite what everyone thinks the pair are adamant that they are 'just friends' but when Cecelia's relationship brakes down only weeks before their prom Jacob is left to mend her broken heart and smashed dreams...


2. Terrible Twosome

It's finally Saturday!!

Feels like forever since I've been able to say that

I wasn't planning on doing much today, I've gotta babysit for Skylar and Kai today because mums resided to go to the spar with my aunt jane for some 'well needed relaxation time' in her words not mine

I think I might call J (Jacob) and see if he wants to help look after these little rats for the day..

*on the phone*

Jacob: hi boo, are you feeling alright..you're never normally awake this early!

Me: Hey J, yes I'm feeling fine thank you very much but I need a favour

Jacob: good you had me worried there for a minuet, sure anything for you princess

Me: will you come help me look after the terrible twosome for the day..? They love you and actually listen to what you tell them..

Jacob: aw yeah if love too, you know how much I love spending time with my baby brother and sister

Me: thank god, come round soon then j I need to shower and I can't leave these two on their own for more than...

Skylar: *shouts from other room* Cece Kai broke the lamp again!!

Me: *shouting back* I'm coming one minuet, stay away from the broken bits....*to jacob* right on time ay j

Jacob: that the twins for ya! Anyway I'll be round in 5 boo, be carful picking up the broken lamp

Me: okay, i will be, bye j

Jacobe: bye boo, love you

Me: love you too

*ends call*

I went straight in to the kitchen and got a black bag and the dustpan and brush and headed into the living room to tidy up the mess

Kai: I'm sorry Cece..I didn't mean for it to fall..

Skylar: you were trying to balance it on your head, what did you think would happen dummy

Me: right that's enough you two, if mum asks we were all play fighting and Kai fell into the table okay?

Kai&Skylar: okay Cece

Me: right J's going to be here soon so go and get dressed

Kai: yes! I love it when j comes round, race you to the bedrooms Sky!!

Skylar: you're going down dummy!

Me:*shouts after them* be careful you two!

Jacob:*shouts walking through the door* IM HOME!!

Me: finally...

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