Just friends

Cecelia and Jacob have been best friends since the start of primary school and that hasn't changed, despite what everyone thinks the pair are adamant that they are 'just friends' but when Cecelia's relationship brakes down only weeks before their prom Jacob is left to mend her broken heart and smashed dreams...


3. Eating, Tidying & Finding Nemo

I ran to the door to ask Jacob to help me tidy up but I couldn't see him anywhere. Where the hell has he gone? I though to myself and as if he read my mind he shouted a quick 'I'm in the kitchen princess' so I make my way to the kitchen

Once I got there I saw the fridge door open and two legs that seemed to be coming out the bottom of the door..

'How did I not know you'd be in here? It's the first place you go whenever you come round' I laughed as I took a seat on one of the stools next to the island in the middle of our kitchen

'Hey, I'm a growing man I need my food, don't judge me' he replied closing the fridge door with his elbow as he had his hands full of food

'Some of that best be for me too, you may be a growing 'man' but I'm a growing girl and I need my food too'

'Yeah, yeah it's for the both of us don't worry'

We both started to dig into the big pile of random food J had found in the fridge when I suddenly remembered that I needed to tidy up the mess in the living room

I stopped eating and went to get the things I needed to tidy up the broken lamp

'Whatcha doing? We've got food, you never walk away from food' J said whilst popping a grape into his mouth

'Yeah I know but I've gotta tidy up the broken lamp before the twins come back down and hurt themselves' I replied looking under the sink for some rubber gloves so I didn't cut myself on the little pieces of lam spread across my living room floor

'Give me those, I'll go tidy up the mess and you eat okay? I bet you haven't even eaten today have you..?' He said taking the things off me and walking over to the door

'Thanks J, you're right I haven't eaten a thing all day'

It's not even 12 yet and I haven't actually been up for that long but usually I've had breakfast and a snack by now so not eating for this long is very unlike me, oops

'Do you need a hand in there J? You've been a while..' I asked walking into my living room

'Um..yeah a little...can you try and get this out of my thumb please..? I've been trying for ages but I think I'm making it worse..' He said holding his bleeding thumb up to me from where he was sat on the floor

'Oh my gosh J! I gave you the gloves for a reason you muppet' I said running over and taking a look at the piece of pottery that was imbedded in Jacobs thumb

'I know but the pieces were big so I didn't think I'd need them' he responded looking at the ground

'Well it's a good job I don't faint at the sight of blood like my mum used to, come on let's get this cleaned up in the kitchen'

'Ouch, carful it hurts you know'

Gosh he's such a baby it's not even that deep..


Once I'd got mr clumsy cleaned up, I finished cleaning up the living room - making sure I hovered everywhere so that I didn't miss anything - I shouted the twins down to come and pick a movie and we've all been sat on the sofa watching Finding Nemo for the past half an hour

I hope we can just watch movies all day..

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