Adventures Of Pewdiepie

Adventures Recorded For The Greatest Video Games Ever


2. Youtube

One day I was watching T.v I saw a Commercial About Youtube it was Talking About Videos and stuff like that at the End of the commercial They Said Get paid by creating a Youtube Channel For More Info Please visit : I had an idea an interesting idea the chances were Low but I knew I was Gonna visit the website anyway so the next morning I visited the website my Dream came true I saw what I wanted my eyes were tearing from happiness I read that I can make Game plays And reviews and Get Paid for it I was Feeling Really Good about it I created a channel Names as : Felix I met some friends online Called : Cry and Ken they were Very close friends of Mine They Told I Had to get a nickname they thought of pewdie and I liked pies and it rymhes with pewdie so it Became Pewdiepie . After I renamed my channel They were getting paid for the same thing so they told me I could Make Reviews And Gameplays and show it to the Game's Company and make a Good deal thats how I can Get famous because the Higher the likes and Subscribers The higher I get paid ken and cry tried to help me by advertising my channel throughout their videos . I started out I had to get a logo and a webcam so the Bros (fans) can see me Reactions and Copyright also. I started Making Reviews and Game plays for online games I tried to make my videos humorous as much as I could hoping that the people will like them.

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