Adventures Of Pewdiepie

Adventures Recorded For The Greatest Video Games Ever


3. Meeting Marzia

At that time I was just starting my whole carrier so, it was nice to have a lot of friends and i really did have a lot MALE friends to be specific therefore, I needed another friend but, a FEMALE friend or as people call it a girlfriend so, I really did want one . I had really knew a girl called marzia from italy through an old friend ,we used to chat for hours and hours on facebook and after a long time of chatting I really wanted to see her in real life so , at that time I didn't have any money but, I worked different jobs for a while + youtube . Until i had some cash in the pocket I puted most of this cash in the traveling to her , surprisingly she waited for me in the airport and I still remember she was to shy to speak and every time i look at her her cheeks would go red but, she wrote for me some good words in a paper like i am glad that you are here and was the beginning of the story with my amazing , cool , hot , beautiful , stupid girl friend <3

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