Adventures Of Pewdiepie

Adventures Recorded For The Greatest Video Games Ever


4. Life Changing

At that time things really started to change I was't single anymore due to my amazing girlfriend , I started to have a big audience on youtube and really it was a happy change but, the most important thing that these videos aren't a job because this was my hobby but , I earned cash from it so I guess will call it a job for now. Every day I would wake up excitedly waiting for my audience's feedback  plus that every day my audience increased like crazy so , from that moment I called my fans bros and I made the brofist too so , I was really serious with my bros because they were my life and they mad me the man I am today so, a big thank you to every bro from every country but , what was really amazing that one day I was the 7th most subscribed channel on youtube at that time I was really amazed and happy , I didn't ever expected that success and every day I got more subscribers until I had a dream that I will be the most subscribed channel but, i just thought that this is crazy and it won't ever happen but , because if you bros i am the most subscribed channel on youtube but, that didn't change me I still wake up excitedly to read each and ever comment

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