Adventures Of Pewdiepie

Adventures Recorded For The Greatest Video Games Ever


1. Getting A Job (optional)

The Whole Story is about Me Just a Little Introduction : My Name Is Pewdiepie and I'm 24 I Moved From Sweden To Allay. I tried to find a suitable job but I couldn't every job I tried I always Screw up something But I never gave up until I found a video games shop I loved the place from the moment I came in I Knew That this my passion this is my purpose of Life I always woke up early and Got down to work I tested the video games and gave it a rating till one day I got fired because of a guy who had a better Resùme I felt depressed very depressed I couldn't Find a job like this job. I knew there was something bigger meant for me that there was something that is Gonna change my whole life I kept thinking about it but I knew that I wasn't even close with my thoughts I wasn't thinking of Friends at that time. Every thing was hard for me i was hoping for that something to come quickly .

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