ᗷE ᒍᑌᔕT ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴEᗩᖇ ᑎOT

A girl who was once involved in a gang has a surprise coming for her when she goes to her friends house to hang out. But when she gets there what she sees is devastating. She gets kidnapped and.... the rest is not my story to tell....It's Hers.So Be Just and Fear Not.


10. Chapter 8

Jason's P.O.V.

We had just arrived back at the house and i quickly got out of the van and rushed up to the front door with the key in my hand,unlocked the door and rushed to my room...I closed the door and went to take a shower since i had blood all over me...I stripped out of my clothes and threw them in the basket and stepped into the warm shower, warm showers usually are the times i have the time to fully think about things and relax,but of course the thought of roseamay had to keep running across my mind and i just don't know why. I mean its not like i care about her.do i?No i cant care about her. i haven't cared about anything or anyone since my mom and brother died...but now all of a sudden i think i care for somebody and that somebody is roseamay. I kind of felt guilty for hitting her and making her do things she didn't want to do but it had to be done. I have to say, shes a tough one..she didn't even flinch when i hit her that morning and i also felt bad for doing that too.I shouldn't feel bad about. I'm used to beating up and hurting and now I'm going all 'feeling bad' for her.this HAS to stop. then my thoughts got cut off by a knock at my bathroom door"What!" i yelled over the sound of the shower"uhh..jason..were out of food.can we go to the grocery store?"i heard roseamay say from the other side of the door"yeah just let me get out and change"i said while reaching for the handle to turn off the shower"ok" i heard her say then soft footsteps slowly fade away....i turned the shower off and got out with just a towel around my waist and walked into my room....i got dressed and walked back downstairs to see roseamay watching spongebob, i chuckled at her and she turned her head towards me"what?A girl cant be amused by spongebob?"she said turning her attention back to the tv"no,its just that you remind me of my little sister always watching spongebob"i said then she turned towards me again with a concerned look on her face"you have a little sister?how old is she?can i meet her?"she started to ramble on with questions about my sister.She sounded shocked to know i had a sister"She is 3 and maybe you can meet her another time just not today ok"i said and she just nodded in response"ok now are we going to go grocery shopping or what"i said"oh yeah that's right..Umm..we can leave now"she said blushing from embarrassment, i actually thought her blushing was cute...we got in my black fisker and headed off to the store"Oh wait..here.put these on"i said quickly reaching into my glove compartment and grabbing some shades and handing them to her while trying to keep my eyes on the road"thanks"she said as she put them on and i did too...we sat in an awkward silence until we got to the grocery store and got out of the car"ok.um.do you have a grocery list" i asked her she nodded and pulled piece of paper out of her pocket that I'm guessing was the grocery list and then we walked to where the shopping carts were and she grabbed one"ok so first we need breakfast food"she said then rode the cart to the aisle with all kinds of food then she started to grab a bunch of cereal and pancake mix and other foods"ok i think we have enough"she said then turned to me, i just shrugged"hey Jason"she said as i walked beside her"yeah?"i said looking at her"Want to do something fun"'she said as she smiled...oh her smile is gorgeous...i think that the whole world just stopped because of her smile and i just stood there staring at her.

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