ᗷE ᒍᑌᔕT ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴEᗩᖇ ᑎOT

A girl who was once involved in a gang has a surprise coming for her when she goes to her friends house to hang out. But when she gets there what she sees is devastating. She gets kidnapped and.... the rest is not my story to tell....It's Hers.So Be Just and Fear Not.


9. Chapter 7

Roseamay's P.O.V.

We were making our way to the gangs house who were supposed to give Jason his stupid money.it turns out that Jason said i was going to try and "seduce" the man that called him, i think he said his name was mike or was it mark anyways....we arrived at the house and got out of the van"ok so does everyone remember the plan" Jason said we all nodded"ok good now you"Jason pointed at me"you go to the front door and-"i cut him off"i know i know go up there say be flirty act like a slut i got it"i said then walked away to the front door..i knocked and right when this guy opened the door the smell of drugs and alcohol rushed up my nose, i almost gagged from it"why are you here"he said with his words kind of slurred. i remembered i have to be flirty"I'm here to have some fun"i said while running my finger down his chest"Why don't you let me join ?"i said then smiled flirtatiously at him"sure come on in"he said and let me in the house filed with nothing but bottles everywhere and smoke filling the room"do you live alone' i asked him"no my gang are out right now"he said still slurring his words"ok why don't we go to your room and have a little fun"i whispered seductively in his ear"yeah lets go" he said then he lead me up to his room and let me tell you his room was a complete mess, clothes were everywhere the bed wasn't made it made me want to gag...I pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him then kissed from his jawline down to his neck"feel good baby" i asked seductively,he groaned then i smoothly slid my hand inside my jacket and grabbed my gun then pointed it towards his head while i was still on top of him"where is the money mark!" i said..if i was in a movie i would make a great actor"what are you talking about"he said"oh don't play dumb with me mark. we know you are hiding it so just tell me where it is!?"i yelled getting angry now then i heard some gunshots downstairs...Jason probably found the other half of marks gang and shot them.whatever."i don't have the fucking money"he said raising his voice, i hit him in the head with my gun and then put the gun in the middle of his forehead"you have 3 second s to tell me where the money is or i will blow your brains out"i said then cocked my gun, i could see the fear in his eyes now"i-its in a secret compartment in the bottom of my closet"he said i got off of him,my gun still pointed towards his head"get it now" i said through my gritted teeth then he got up and walked over to his closet and pulled up and piece of the floor and grabbed a big bag...i walked over to him and opened up the bag to make sure the money was in there and it was"thank you for your time mark" he stood up and turned back around to face me"i never got to ask you who are you"he said and i smirked"Roseamay.Love." i said then shot him in the head, grabbed the bag and then ran downstairs to find Jason and the gang waiting"did you get the money?" he asked"i pulled the bag from behind my back and showed it to him"good work now lets go,i set a bomb in here to go off in 1 minute"i nodded and we all ran out the door and quickly got into the van then we drove off...i looked back at the house to see it being blow to pieces....i smirked to myself satisfied with what i have done....it actually felt good to e back in the gang business...but there is only one problem.Jason. he could have just killed me with the rest of my gang but he let me live,i don't know why but its strange and i am going to find out why sooner or later..

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