ᗷE ᒍᑌᔕT ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴEᗩᖇ ᑎOT

A girl who was once involved in a gang has a surprise coming for her when she goes to her friends house to hang out. But when she gets there what she sees is devastating. She gets kidnapped and.... the rest is not my story to tell....It's Hers.So Be Just and Fear Not.


5. Chapter 4

Jason's P.O.V.

We had drugged this girl who basically thought she could take out my gang and get away with it..hell no..she shot mike in the leg but hes fine now..Richard grabbed the girl he had drugged and threw her over his shoulder..i just kept thinking where did she learn how to fight like that? never in my life have ever seen a girl fight like that and plus she was so small she was at least about 3 inches shorter than me but like..wow.. i was impressed..*later at Jason's house* we had got to my house that nobody will find and got out of the van i grabbed the girl from the back she was still sleeping so i just threw her over my shoulder and walked into the house...i carelessly threw her into the basement room and onto the bed, i could tell she hit her head on the wall then she woke up and groaned"w-where am i?" she asked"in my house now wake the fuck up bitch!" i spat"I am not a bitch asshole"she spat back and that threw me over the edge i walked over to her and slapped her. hard. she just looked back at me like nothing happened except for she was mad i could tell and the next thing i knew she punched Me in the jaw i heard it crack..DAMN..if i knew she could do this much i would have never taken her. i would have just killed her right then and there..but something inside me was holding me back from doing that..like i mean i have killed alot of girls before but its just something that tells me not too..i got up while holding my jaw and she just looked at me angry then walked away and sat on the bed with her arms crossed, i just rolled my eyes at her then walked out...

Roseamay's P.O.V.

Jason just walked out of my room without saying another word..yeah. i hit him that bastard deserved it, he should have never slapped me..i sat down on the bed and looked around the room that I'm guessing will be the room i will be staying in for a while..the room had no windows and one bathroom,a closet filled with Girl clothes? and a queen sized bed in the corner...this room might have been small but it was really nice...*2 hours later* i had just taken a shower and hanged into some pajamas and then put my hair into a bun and got in the bed*Dream* I was running from something or more like someone"rose get back here!!" i heard an unfamiliar voice and kept running and then i tripped and held my ankle in pain but i got right back up and started to run again, i could tell that i was going further into the woods and somehow the person that was chasing after me grabbed me from my forearm and jerked me back i fell and tried and crawl away and get back up but the person grabbed my foot while i just screamed and grabbed the ground somehow hoping i could get away but it was no use so i just kept screaming"i got you now bitch" someone spat into my ear and made me look at them and when i looked at the person it was..... Jason!*end* I woke up screaming then someone rushed into the room,it was dark so i couldn't tell who it was until they spoke"Why the hell are you screaming!" i noticed who it was, it was Jason"I'm fine..I-I just had a nightmare" i said"well just go back to sleep Goodnight" then he walked out and shut the door and i tried to fall back asleep but somehow i couldn't i just kept thinking about the dream i had..Why was he chasing me?Did i run away or try to escape? i don't know what i did but all i could do for now was think about the things i could have done to make him do that....i eventually fell asleep still thinking about that dream.

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