ᗷE ᒍᑌᔕT ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴEᗩᖇ ᑎOT

A girl who was once involved in a gang has a surprise coming for her when she goes to her friends house to hang out. But when she gets there what she sees is devastating. She gets kidnapped and.... the rest is not my story to tell....It's Hers.So Be Just and Fear Not.


4. Chapter 3

Roseamay's P.O.V.

I peeked around the corner and saw at least 4 or 5 guys standing in the living room and they were whisperi- more like yelling at each other...i kept looking around from the corner i was in and then i saw something i thought i would never see......Brian,Shane and Chris were all...Dead.!I turned back around and slid my back down the wall trying to calm myself and- who am i kidding my best friends just died there is nothing to stay calm about.!I think i sat there for a good 4 minutes then got back up to see if those other guys were still there and they were but they were now talking to where you can hear what they are saying so i listened"do you think anyone knows them?"one guy with black hair said"i don't know but if they do they die when we find them" another guy with brownish-blondish hair said coldly..they weren't paying any attention at all while they were talking so i took that time to walk out from the corner quietly and into the living room..i stood there in front of them and cocked my gun..my badass mode is on.."Why are you people here!!" i said through my gritted teeth"awww look its a little girl who came to save the day"the guy with the black said then came over and tried to pat my head, i grabbed him arm twisted it and flipped him over and he fell holding his arm in pain..all the other guys just stood there looking at him then back at me with a shocked expression on their face"y-you..ho-..wh-where did you l-learn that?"one guy said that i didn't see before he had brown hair and was tall"you don't answer my question, i don't answer yours"i spat"feisty one we got here boys"the guy with the brownish-blondish hair said then smirked"get her"he said then all the other boys charged at me and tried to grab me but i flipped one over shot one in the leg and the other i just knocked him out by just hitting him..i might be the biggest sweetheart on the planet but if you try anything with me or try to hurt me you will get hurt by me and that's exactly what i did..i was done fighting and was breathing heavily while holding my gun to the guy with the brownish-blondish hair"YOU..whats your name?"i asked him"Jason. Jason Mccann" he said then i felt someone put something over my mouth then the last thing i saw was Jason smirking at me and that's when i blacked out.....

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