Love you, Need you

Courtney and Justin have been through hell but it can get harder when he goes on his tour and they have to manage in the spotlight things can get a little sexual ;)


2. While it Lasts

Since I know Justin is leaving for his world tour soon I want to be able to do as much as possible. I bought some lingerie so we can at least have a little fun before he leaves. He comes home and sees the rose petals leading up to the room and I am laying there on a bed of then he smiled and walked over to me. I turned on Confident as he lays on top of me and we slowly start kissing as he wraps his arms around my to take off my bra, but before he got a chance I took of his shirt and his pants leaving him in only his boxers. He looks at me and says "two can play this game" he lowered himself down to take off my underwear with his teeth. As he came up I got ahold of his boxers and quickly pulled them off of him. He laughed as he teases me, he finally got my bra off and he slowly put in every inch I moaned softly in his ear. He had a huge dick I must say about 11-12 inches as he put in the last 6 inches I was practically shouting. He thrusts quickly as I'm begging for him not to stop. Then I heard a door close outside I peeked off the balcony of course it was Chris and he saw the rose petals so he must know what's going on. Justin locked the door and he slammed me back on the bed and thrusts faster than before I'm screaming and Chris heard and was pounding on the door shouting "Courtney open this damn door or when I see you I'm going to fucking kill you" even though I'm scared for my life Justin reassures me that nothing is going to happen to me. After a good twenty minutes we stopped and watch "The Notebook" while cuddling it was his FAVORITE romantic movie. We fell asleep after the movie and slept well the next morning I got up and went to fix my hair then remembering I'm still naked so I put on my clothes and went to go make breakfast. He finally woke up from the smell of bacon. He came running down the stairs like the dog on the beggin strips commercial. About 2 of the 100 packs he had in the freezer I cooked and by the time I got finished cooking the bacon and pancakes he only left me 2 pieces. I walked over and sat next to him and whispered "fat ass" quietly. He said "i know I am and I am proud, but can you make more bacon when your done? PLEASE!" "Ugh fine how many packs" he did his thinky face and finally said "um 3 packs!" "Damn boy all for you?!?" "Yeah haha" I looked at him with a sarcastic face and he looked back with a pouty face it's so cute the way he does it but damn he is dangerous in bed. He ate all his food and he got dressed and we went to the studio so he could record music with Ariana Grande. Yes she is beautiful and talented but I wasn't worried about him cheating they make AMAZING music together. Scooter was waiting for us in front of Island Def Jams with Ari. Me and Ariana have been pretty close friends since we met and she noticed how good he was doing with me. Justin was pretty bummed out to hear Selena checked herself into rehab, he never would've guessed she was a drug/alcohol addict, but I guess you never know. After 5 fucking hours in the studio I got to go home and rest but I couldn't rest because on the ride home Justin told me he was leaving in a month so I'm probably going to go with him but with the tour areas online you never know when Chris could show up............

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