Love you, Need you

Courtney and Justin have been through hell but it can get harder when he goes on his tour and they have to manage in the spotlight things can get a little sexual ;)


1. How it all started

I was laying on my bed texting Justin, even though my boyfriend Chris didn't like the fact I had him as a guy friend. I invited Justin over not thinking about how abusive Chris is but I love him. Chris reads my messages then climbs on too of me and slaps me, he took my phone and threw it across the room so I couldn't warn Justin. He has a key to my house so he just came inside up to my room he walks in and sees Chris on top of me choking me. Justin automatically defends me he jumped and pushed Chris off the bed and started punching him until he passed out. He climb up on my bed and I hug him but I felt something wet on his back I didn't know what it was because I hid in my blanket. I lifted my hand Chris had his knife and cut Justin's back. I started to cry as I sped to the hospital, it wasn't a deep cut so it wouldn't scar too bad and didn't need stitches. He walked out of the room and we went home they put him on some anesthesia and pain medicine so he was acting so funny. When we got back to my house Chris's car was gone and so was he and hopefully he was out of my life. Justin's weirdness wore off and we started talking. "Courtney I don't know if I ever would've had the guts to tell you this but I love you a lot....." "I love you too I was just so afraid of Chris that I never really told you" he leaned over and kissed me I smiled and said "does this mean we're together" he smiled and nodded. Now I can finally be happy with the one I really love. Justin's Journals tour started soon I didn't want him to leave my side ever. The media got involved with what had happened like usual other beliebers were tweeting me hate messages saying it was my fault he got cut. I kinda believed it even though Justin told me it wasn't true. It's going to be pretty hard living in the spotlight with him but it will be worth it.

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