But Sarah, I love you

Sarah is a typical 19 year old with typical daydreams. She has a best friend name niall who secretly has a crush on her. will niall tell her so she'll change her mind about her befriend harry?


3. Sarah's coming over

Niall's P.O.V


She's finally coming over today. My heart is pounding. Finally Sarah came in the door. "Hey Sarah" I said. "Hey" she said all tired. "What's wrong" I said concerned. "I'm just tired' she said in a tired voice. "Well sit down by me I'll put in a movie" I whispered. "k" she said. I put in titanic and she sat down beside me very close." I love this movie!!" She said. In an instant I started kissing her. then we started making out. "What the Hell!!" Harry said as he came inside. "Harry it's not what it looks like!" I said. "Yeah it is!!" "Your making out with my girl!!" He said furious. What am I supposed to do. " well I guess it is what it looks like" I said.

Hi!! sorry it's short. -Sarah Horan       


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