Little things

Tessa was found by a dustbin in London and some well known boys raised her as their own. Louis:daddy. Niall:brother. Harry:dad. Zayn:uncle. Liam:cousin


4. the mall

Tessa's POV

Yes it's cool at the mall but people stare cause I'm Louis Tomlinson's daughter. But I don't care. I don't even get hate! I'm pretty proud of that. Loads I famous people get hate but not me! When I walked in people treated me like one of them not some famous kid which I like. I don't like fuss. I walked into primary and bought my summer wardrobe you know the tank tops crop tops high waisted Shorts running gear gym clothes. Stuff like that skirts dresses bikinis. I feel so special having unlimited money by my daddy and doesn't even care how much he spends on me or where we go. He's a keeper.

Yes it's short but but it's not really a special chapter it was just needed I suppose? There will be action soon though. Writing this in so much pain. Sore throat bad cough loosing voice

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