Little things

Tessa was found by a dustbin in London and some well known boys raised her as their own. Louis:daddy. Niall:brother. Harry:dad. Zayn:uncle. Liam:cousin


6. him...

Tessa's POV

I walked away from the girl and got my phone out my high waisted shorts back pocket. I normally go on my phone when I walk home alone. I played on flappy birds and beat my high score I was just about to get 300 when I felt someone's chest in my face. My phone hit the ground before I did. When I fell I twisted and landed on my stomach trying to land on my hands. Like they do in films sometimes. I just noticed it didn't work. I twisted round so I was on my butt. I looked up at the tall gorgeous boy with brown hair flicked up at the end. I must of been daydreaming cause when I looked back I noticed him clicking his fingers in my face. "Do you want me to help you up?" He asked looking down at me. He didn't seem like a fan. Which is good. I nodded and grabbed my phone. I grabbed his hand that he was lending me and he pulled me up. Wow wee he was strong. "Tessa!" He said looking at me properly now. It took me awhile to notice that it was.. "Dan!" My crush from school. It's the 4th week into the 6week holiday.

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