Little things

Tessa was found by a dustbin in London and some well known boys raised her as their own. Louis:daddy. Niall:brother. Harry:dad. Zayn:uncle. Liam:cousin


5. he has

Tessa's POV

Daddy has told me he found me on the sidewalk but I don't care. He says fate has brought us together. So do I. I love the boys and I wouldn't give them up for anything. It's so fun going on tour with them. They're such idiots it's funny. "Your Tessa! Omg. Mommy look it's one directions daughter!!" A little girl said knocking me out of my thoughts. I looked down and smiled. "Hello." I said looking down at her gleaming face grinning up at me. Sweet. "I don't want an autograph. But can I have a hug?" She asked me. "Sure" I said bending down and hugging her. She's so warm. I like warm kids. That sounds freaky but that means there more kind than others. Like me. Louis says I was cold when he first picked me up but when e warmed me up in his coat I was very warm.

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