Perfect Weapon

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  • Published: 6 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2014
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Alex's life falls apart. She goes on tour with her cousin and his band. Then she falls in love. Life isn't easy but with someone to go through it with, its easier to get through alive.


46. Chapter 46

Alex's P.O.V
"What?" Bill asked. His face showed disbelief.
"I told him. I didn't want to continue our relationship if I had feelings for another guy. I can't do that to either of you."
His mouth still hung open. "I just-....can't believe you broke up with him."
"You didn't think you had a chance, huh?" A small smile played on my lips.
"" He gave me a small half smile.
"Sorry to tell you but...I think I've had enough of relationships for a while. I just want to stay single for a while, you know? Clear my head."
His eyes grew a sad look to them but he nodded. "Yeah I guess this was a lot of drama for you, huh? But where are you going to live?"
I took a deep breath. "I'm gonna get a place in the city. An apartment maybe get a job at a coffee shop or something. I've always wanted to work at one."
Bill nodded. "Did you tell Andy all this?"
I nodded. "This is goodbye for now I guess."
"I'll miss you, Alex."
I smiled. "I'll miss you too, Bill"
He pulled me into a hug and I hugged back. Then I pulled away and headed for my car.
As I was pulling out of the driveway and onto the street, I rolled down my window and waved too him.
He waved back.

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