Perfect Weapon

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  • Published: 6 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2014
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Alex's life falls apart. She goes on tour with her cousin and his band. Then she falls in love. Life isn't easy but with someone to go through it with, its easier to get through alive.


37. Chapter 37

Alex's P.O.V
"Who was that?" Andy asked, while I settled back onto the couch.
"Just some church lady, wanting to spread the word."
"Well that was a fast word." He said, while the movie still played on.
"I just told her to take it somewhere else."
"A little rude, ya think?" He asked me, smirking, and turning his head to face me.
"Nah, she gets it." I said and grabbed his hand smiling.
He narrowed his eyes and then turned towards the screen.

Bill's P.O.V
I had to talk to her. I guess I get what she's going through and having to deal with...but I need to know. I shut the door to the house behind me and sat at the kitchen table. I layed my phone out in front of me and layed my head on my hands and just stared at it, waiting for the text.
I heard Tom coming down the stairs. He spotted me sitting at the table and smirked.
"A little anxious for a call are we?"
"Shut up." I told him and went back to staring at my phone.
He settled into the seat across from me. "You know...I could teach you how to handle girls. My specialty, in case you werent informed."
"Who says its about a girl?"
"You finally going for the guys? Oh well, I guess I could help you...It would be a little awkward for me though..."
"No no no no no. I'm just saying..You're so quick to assume."
"Well, you have showed a bunch of the signs and as your twin brother, I have to be supportive." He said, matter-of-factly.
"I'm not gay."
"They always deny." He said, shaking his head and tsking.
I groaned aloud, then my phone lit up with a text. I dived for it and hastily slid past the unlock screen.
Tom sighed. "Are we going to have to go through the birds and the bees thing? You're like an excited 12 year old girl."
I ignored him and read the text from Alex:

"Meet me at the park tomorrow around noon."

Instantly I texted back:

"I'll be there."

Tom stared at me with disgust.
"What?" I questioned, holding my hands up.
"You never let them know you're interested." With that, he stood and walked out of the room.

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