Perfect Weapon

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  • Published: 6 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
Alex's life falls apart. She goes on tour with her cousin and his band. Then she falls in love. Life isn't easy but with someone to go through it with, its easier to get through alive.


36. Chapter 36

Alex's P.O.V
Andy suggested we order out and watch movies. Great idea. When our Chinese food finally came, we settled down on the couch and decided on a movie. About halfway through, there was a knock on the door.
I moved to answer it when Andy raised the remote to pause the movie.
"No, keep watching. This will only take a second." I said while walking to the door.
I heard a low murmur from him, which I assumed was an 'okay'.
I opened the front door to see Bill standing behind it.
Instantly, I gasped. "What're you doing here?!"
"We need to talk." He said, simply.
"Okay, you deserve that. But not here." Then in a lower voice: "Andy's back."
His eyes widened slightly. "Does he know?"
I shook my head.
"Are you going to tell him?"
I shrugged. "Knowing my life... He'll find out somehow."
Bill bit his lip. Then: "Where can we talk?"
"I'll text you." And I shut the door.

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