Perfect Weapon

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  • Published: 6 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2014
  • Status: Complete
Alex's life falls apart. She goes on tour with her cousin and his band. Then she falls in love. Life isn't easy but with someone to go through it with, its easier to get through alive.


3. Chapter 3

Andy's P.O.V
Ashley told me and the guys that his cousin was moving in with him and going on tour with us because her mom died and he was all she had left. I thought he was being a great guy for doing that.
I decided to go with him to get her stuff. I wanted her to feel at home with me and the guys. If not us, then who, right?
As we pulled up to her house, Ashley turned to me and said, "No funny business, alright? She's family."
I held my hands up, "Hey, I have a girlfriend remember?"
"Sorry, just making it clear, Okay?"
"I gotcha." I opened the truck door and up to Alex's front door, with Ashley right by my heels. Ashley knocked on the door, a few seconds later a girl opened the door. She took my breath away.
Her hair was dark brown and her eyes were so dark they were almost black. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. There was a maturity and sadness in her eyes that made me want to hold her close to me and never let go for the fear that someone might try to hurt her.
'What are you thinking, Andy? You love Juliet, remember?' He thought to himself.

Ashley and I put the last of her things in the truck and I sat down beside Alex. She sat with her arms crossed over her leather jacket and her skinny jeaned legs put up on the dashboard.
Ashley tried to get a conversation going with her, but I could tell Alex was in no mood to be bothered with.
When Ashley joked with her about what happened to the sweet girl he knew a couple years ago, and she answered with 'she's gone'. It made me wonder how different she must have been a week ago.

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