Perfect Weapon

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  • Published: 6 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2014
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Alex's life falls apart. She goes on tour with her cousin and his band. Then she falls in love. Life isn't easy but with someone to go through it with, its easier to get through alive.


28. Chapter 28

Alex's P.O.V
All of us sat on the benches beside the fountain in the mall. Bill had picked me up after I texted him my address a couple hours ago. I had a couple bags and Bill already had several.
Tom and Gustav didnt really care. They insisted on waiting with Georg outside of the store while Bill and I shopped.
"I guess we're getting valuable alone time, then huh?" Bill laughed with me, inside one of the stores.
I smiled. "Their loss." Bill found a couple bottles of nail polish. He grabbed my wrist and held one of the bottles to my skin.
"This color looks good on you-" He stopped and his brow furrowed when he noticed something on my wrist. I silently pulled my wrist away and walked to one of the racks of clothes. I looked through the shirts and held one up.
"This looks nice. Dont you think?"
He continued to stare at me. Finally, he spoke.
"Do you cut?"
I frowned. "I used to."
He paused. "Why?"
"A lot of reasons."
"I have time." He walked closer to me and pulled the shirt out of my hands, putting it back on the rack.
I sighed. "Bullying. My mom died. I killed someone. I was raped and got pregnant. The baby died...." I said everything in a rush, kind of hoping he didnt hear it. No such luck.
His eyes widened. He just pulled me into a hug and whispered, "I'm sorry."
I pulled away and, putting on a fake smile, "Its fine, no need to dwell on the past." I was tired of being sad or feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to forget.
His mouth opened, then closed. I smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the store.
"I'm kind of hungry. Lets go get the guys and get something to eat."
He said nothing, just let me pull him in the direction of the guys.

We all grabbed pizza and sat at one of the little tables outside of the food booth. Tom was telling us nasty jokes and we were all laughing so hard. Bill just sat there staring off into space. Georg waved his hand in front of Bill's face.
"You still alive?"
Bill quickly smiled. "Yeah, just thinking."
Our eyes made contact. I held his gaze for a few moments, then looked away. We both knew what it was about.

We all started walking around again. I trailed behind them all, pretending to be looking at the different stores. Bill fell behind with me. I met his gaze. He didnt have to say anything.
"What're you doing?" I asked him.
He looked confused. "What?"
"I dont want you to be thinking about it, okay? I just want to forget. I know I'm going to have these scars forever to remind me, but I dont want to have to think about it again. Ever."
"Its okay to talk about it." He said, touching my arm with his fingertips.
"No, its not. I dont want to have to go to that place again. Those things ruined my life. If you would've known me a year ago, I would be a completely different person. Im different because of whats happened. And I dont like it."
"Whatever happened; it made you into this. And I like it. You're funny, mature, sweet and beautiful and I couldn't imagine you any other way." He said, seriously.
I smiled at him and he returned it.
"I get it if you dont wanna talk about it. Lets just enjoy the day." He said and I smiled, gratefully.
"Come on, you snails!" Tom said, looking back at us. I laughed and ran forward, shoving him. Clumsy Tom, then fell into the fountain. We all burst out laughing. Tom was shivering.
"Y-You're gonna pay for th-that!" He jumped up and ran at me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up. I started kicking and screaming. He threw me into the water. I shot out of the water, gasping because of the cold.
Bill was laughing harder than the bunch.
"Oh, you think this is funny, do you?" I cupped my hands and picked up a handful of water and threw it on him. He jumped and glared at me.
"I'm sorry! Did I mess up your makeup?" I asked, sarcastically. He jumped in the fountain beside me and started splashing water at me. I was completely drenched. We all started splashing water on each other. People walking by either gave us weird looks or looked annoyed.
One of the store managers came out and asked us to stop. We were laughing but managed to nod.
I started to climb out of the fountain. I felt myself slipping on my own drenched converse. Before I hit the ground, I felt arms slip under my waist and stop me from hitting the ground. I looked up to see Bill a couple inches from my face. We sat there for a couple moments staring at each other. He leaned his face slightly closer. I cleared my throat and stood up. He rubbed his neck uncomfortably and stepped away from me. None of the guys had seen. I bit my lip and was silent until they dropped me off at my house. Bill had been silent the entire time too. I smiled, saying goodbye to all of them and stepping out of the car, still soaked. I walked up to the front door, my feet making slapping sounds against the concrete.
I opened the door and walked inside.
Andy was sitting on the couch, watching TV.
"Hey, babe. How was-What the h*** happened to you?" He said, looking up.
I laughed. "There was a water fountain at the mall."
"And that answers all of my questions..."
"Yup." I said, starting to walk upstairs to change.
"Well, aside from that; how was your day?" He asked, laughing.
I stopped halfway up the stairs. "Fine."

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