Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


2. Wendy's

Louis's POV                                                                                                                                                       I'm here, working in Wendy's. Don't ask what I'm doing here. I need the money. To pay off my friend, Zayn's health insurance. What has happened? He was in the forest along with his girlfriend and they got separated. Zayn saw a grizzly and ran for his life. He then rolled down a 9-feet hill. He unfortunately bumped his head and had a mild concussion. The grizzly bites him on the left thigh, and the jaw of the bear came off (that's creepy). His right leg was broken and he couldn't move. For 10 hours, he was screaming for help. He then tried to make that SOS thing and that failed when a thunderstorm hits. Finally, a hiker who turned out to work at Coast Guard called for help. The jaw had to be surgically removed. So this story might sound crazy and stupid but that is what happened. Some old lady tried to smack me with her walker because I gave her way too much milkshake (that's what she asked for). Then, a boy and a girl who looked like the same age came up to the counter. "Hi, how may I help you?" I asked with a fake smile. "I want an extra thick milkshake please. And some fries. Make that 2." The girl held her hand out and made the peace sign. "Okay, 2 milkshakes and fries are coming up. I went in the kitchen and told the chefs. I wanted to know what the girl's name was. When I got back to the counter, they were already sitting far from the counter. Did I even scare them or something with my fake smile? No one could tell which is fake and real (only Zayn could). I watched the girl and boy, chatting away. The girl rubbed her arm as if she was cold. "You okay?" I heard the boy asked the girl. "Yeah, I'm fine." She tried to wave it off. "Wanna try the new game called Flappy Bird?" The boy asked with a grin. "Sure." The girl smiled widely. I watched them, especially the girl. "Hey, Louis, the food's ready." One of my co-workers Angel told me. "Okay, okay." I grabbed the food from him. "Uh, 2 milkshakes and 2 fries are ready." I called through the microphone. The same 2 people came up. "Thanks." The boy said. "That'll be $6.50 please." I drummed my fingers on the counter top. "You take too long." The girl said with a laugh. "Sorry." The boy gave a sheepish grin. "Um, are you going to eat here or you're taking it with you?" I asked them. "Eating it here." The girl said. "Need the trays?" I asked. "Nah, we're cool." The girl says. She took the bag and our fingertips brushed against each other. The girl gave me a nervous look and walked away from me quickly. I really wanted to know what her name is. 


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