Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


5. Partying with Tabby

Louis' POV

I was invited by Ethan. I decided to come to the party. Here I am, looking for Ethan. All of the sudden, I saw the same girl I saw in the afternoon. That girl was talking to some boy I didn't know. I became jealous out of nowhere. I wanted the girl to be mine. It may sound crazy but she's going to be mine one day. I decided to come up to her. "Hey there." I greeted her. She seemed startled. "Oh, uh...hey?" She looked confused. "Remember me? The counter guy?" "Uh, yeah, I remember that time. You were...that guy." She scratched the back of her head nervously. "I uh gotta know more people than you, uh whatever your name is." She laughed nervously. "Yeah, sure." "Who invited you anyway?" She asked me. "Ethan." "Oh, him." She nods as if she was agreeing. Things became awkward. "O...kay, I'm gonna go." She pointed in the back. "Okay, uh have fun." I told her. She hastily walks away. 'Stupid. Stupid!' I thought to myself. I should have never scared her half to death. She was only trying to have fun with the other boy. Then I saw her with the same boy. That was the boy I saw earlier in Wendy's. They must be boyfriend and girlfriend. They weren't kissing or anything like that but I assumed that they were. "Oh, hey counter guy, you should meet him." The girl came to me and she grabbed the boy's hand. "Boyfriend and girlfriend, huh?" I suddenly blurted out. They looked at each other with confusion. "What the hell are you talking about?" The boy suddenly asked with anger. I stepped back in case he wanted to fight me. "Uh, aren't you boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked. "Who told you that shit?" He asked with more anger. "That's what I uh thought." I'm so stupid. I groaned mentally. "Dude, we're not dating!" "That's gross!" The girl said with disgust. "Huh?" "Hello? We're brother and sister." His finger went back and forth to him and the girl. "Oh, I'm sorry." I apologized solemnly. The boy glared at me. Why did I have to bring this up. If Zayn heard me, I wouldn't even be here, instead, I would be at home, crying my eyes out. "So, uh what are your names?" "I'm Tabitha but Tabby for short." "Tyrone but Ty for short." "Nice to meet you Ty and Tabby, I'm Louis." I extended my hand but they didn't shake it. They either seemed to ignore it or didn't know what that means. I dropped my hand down as if nothing happened. "Enjoying this party?" Tabby asked. "Yeah, it's so much fun." I said. "Ugh, lovebirds." Ty muttered but Tabby heard. "Ty!" She said playfully. "We're not in love." She says. "Oh, okay. But I'm leaving you guys alone anyway." Ty walked away. "Wanna hit the dance floor " Tabby asked with excitement. "Sure Tabby!" We went on the 'dance-floor' and danced. "Let's do the T-shuffle!" The DJ hollered. Everyone cheered and we did the T-shuffle. Then it became the slow song. That was the chance to tell Tabby how I felt about her. I was just about to ask her but she paired up with some other guy. "DJ, this is gonna be the most awesome slow dance ever." The blonde boy nodded. I became envious. Far more worse than being jealous. DJ held Tabby close to his chest and she sighed with happiness. I wanted her to sigh with happiness when hold her. "Best dancing ever." DJ murmured into her ear and she giggled. I wanted to kill DJ. I wanted Tabby to myself. I growled. 

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