Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


4. Party

This is my entry from my journal: 

March 21

I'm writing in you again. I would really like to tell you how I feel and what happened today. First off, Tyrone and I were watching Super Nanny. Then we decided to get a little something. Then we got there and there was the counter guy I've never seen before. He was the guy who took our order and gave us our food. When our fingertips brushed against one another, I felt nervous. But there were sparks. Then I got the food and walked away quickly. I know it sounds stupid but I did. I called Mace to tell me her advice or idea. She told me that he must be in "love" with me. The truth is that I never been in love before. Boys had crushes on me but there were infatuations. I knew because I had this feeling in my gut. Then when I gave him a tip, our tips touched again and there were sparks. We looked at each other and again with the sparks. I have never had this feeling but I'll mention it in the journal entry I'm writing; I might be in love.

So I wrote all of it down in my journal and placed it back in the spot I found it in. I went back inside and people were there. Tyrone's two best buddies Ethan Emerald and Damon Diamond (they're also known as the Trios) and some other people I had no idea who they were (is it weird how they both had jewels last name?) "Hey Tabby." Some guy I didn't know called my name. Yep, that's my name. Told you guys that it would be mentioned later in the story. The full name is Tabitha but everyone calls me Tabby for short. "I don't know who you are but how did you even know my name?" I asked the dude. "Simple, overheard Damon." "Victor it's DJ for short!" Damon screamed. Damon's full name is Damon Junior but no one knows but Tyrone. This is what Damon and Ethan look like

That's DJ

That's Ethan. He may look young but he's mature when he needs to be. It turns out that Tyrone and his gang are having a party. I looked outside and saw the same guy who was from Wendy's.

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