Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


10. Oh no

Tabby's POV

Niall came exactly an hour later, as he promised. "Hey guys. How are you?" He chirped. "We're doing fine." We said. "This is my closest and best friend and cousin Avery."

"Hello Avery." Ty said. "Hi." She had an Irish accent just like Niall. "So, you like lasagna?" I asked. "Of course I do! It's amazing." She smiles. "That's good 'cause we're having it for dinner." I said. "Works for us." We sat and had a general conversation. Avery went to South Plainfield School while I went to Plainfield School. Niall? I had no idea. He never mentioned anything. "You know Tabby, Louis told me to tell you this. He's very sorry." Niall said. "Well sorry doesn't cut it!" I snapped at him. Niall shrinks in his seat, intimated. "I'm sorry dude. I'm just extremely enraged at Louis." "No worries." Niall said, returning to his normal position. "So..like meat in your Avery?" She nods. Damn, I wish I was a redheaded girl. "Love your hair color Avery." I complimented her. "Thank you Tabitha." "Call me Tabby for short." Just then, Mace appeared in the backyard, drenched. "Girl, you kept me standing here for 5 minutes. How could you?" "Uh, Mace, we have company and I never heard you knock once." Mace seemed to consider that. "Who's your girlfriend Niall?" "Mace, she isn't my girlfriend. That's my closest and best friend/cousin Avery." "Hello redheaded." Mace smiled. "Hello Mace." "My real name is Maceria but Mace for short please." Avery nods. "Ooh, what's cookin'?" "Lasagna. Want some?" Ty asked. "Sure Ty, I just need to call my boyfriend." I knew exactly who he was. I just didn't want to spill his secret. "Hey there boo-bear." She giggles. "Nothing. Having dinner with Niall, Tabby, Ty, and Avery-" She sighs with happiness. "Avery is Niall's closest and best friend/cousin." She nods. "Hope you feel better. Bye baby." Mace giggled coyly. "Who was that?" Avery asked. "My boyfriend." She turns red and giggles again. "Anyway, he's having fun somewhere, right?" Niall asked. "Oh sure." Mace sat and ate the bread sticks that Ty and I made by ourselves. "Let's have a relaxing dinner, shall we?" Niall said. "Oh yeah, you got that right." Mace said.


Louis's POV

So maybe I was extremely rude to Tabby. I get enraged from things. "So Zayn you called your girlfriend, right?" "Uh-huh. She sounds cute when she giggles like a maniac." He nods in anticipation (don't know why). "Who's your girlfriend?" I asked. "Uh...some girl I know." His eyes darted around. Something tells me that he has a girlfriend that we all know. "You sure?" I asked. "Duh. She's super funny." I hope Niall told Tabby what I told him to say. Tabby has to forgive me some point. Harry looks at me. "Louis, go outside and get some air, maybe that'll make you feel better." Harry said. As if that would. I rolled me eyes and went outside anyway. Then I saw my ex-girlfriend, Marlene. She had a big belly. I realized that she's pregnant with the manager's baby. I groaned in anger. I wish this would be put to the side. She was walking with him, laughing and talking. They must be married by now. Freak show. I hate Marlene. Tabby's a younger version of Marlene and now, I really wish they would disappear forever. I looked at them with anger. Marlene looks at me and glared at me. She did a hmph sound. She looks away and laughs along. I sprayed water at them and she screamed and went away crying with the manager. That was sweet revenge. I saw Harry and he gave a slight frown. That wasn't good.

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