Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


1. Me

I'm just a normal 16-year-old, in my rote, selling things for school. Nor one neighbor would buy anything. I thought I was the complete failure. Please, as if they would buy any crappy stuff that we're selling. Anyway, this is what I look like.

Besides, this whole fundraiser is stupid. I can't believe that we had to do crappy stuff. My best friend thinks it's worse than crappy. This is what my best friend looks like

Her name is Macera Perez (Mace for short). She was standing at the front door, waiting for me."I can't believe that you would do some shit." She covered her mouth. "Oops." She gave me a nervous smile. "A quarter Mace." I held out my hand. She sighed and hands me a quarter. I suggested that whenever Mace used bad language, she owes me a quarter. So far, this is her third quarter for the week. She glanced at me and told me that she had to go. "Bye Mace." I waved at her. "Bye." She called out. She walks with her back straight and went walking away. I opened the door and found my older brother sitting on the couch, watching television. "Hey. You're back already." This is what my brother looks like.

I guess he was watching Super Nanny. That was both of our favorite shows. "Wanna watch it with me?" He asked. "Sure, why not." So we watched it. The nanny was a with a family who couldn't learn how to have self-control, always punishing the kids harshly. I couldn't believe that the nanny used some foul language. For one thing, the children heard her. They looked at her as if she was an attacker. My older brother, Tyrone thought it was the lamest episode. He has seen better crap than that, which is true. "So..., what do want to do?" He asked awkwardly. "Drive us around." I suggested. "Sure thing." We got into his sharp, shiny black Mustang. We drove around until I told him to go to Wendy's. They had good food there. So we ate. I had a strange feeling that something, or someone was staring at me.


A/N: The girl's name isn't going to be mentioned until later...

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